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To be worried

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SkySmiler Thu 21-Mar-19 12:35:29

Found 10 year old DC pillow like this today, no apparent signs of nosebleed, dried blood etc, or from mouth/ears, had a headache/sore throat yesterday but feeling better this morning.

GiveMeAllTheGin8 Thu 21-Mar-19 12:36:41

Does he usually suffer with nosebleeds? Has he a loose tooth?

SkySmiler Thu 21-Mar-19 12:41:49

He lost a tooth on Saturday actually, has had the occasional nosebleed, tq for your reply

Leyani Thu 21-Mar-19 12:44:26

No earache? Only time I saw something like this it was a burst eardrum. Otherwise nose bleed most likely?

Owwlie Thu 21-Mar-19 12:46:49

I'd say it's from the lost tooth. DP had a tooth out recently and for the week after there were some nights where there were marks on the pillow like this, from where he had been drooling in the night. It looks like it's blood mixed with saliva from the colour. You couldn't see it on DPs face either as the pillow had soaked it up.

SkySmiler Thu 21-Mar-19 12:48:23

Nope, nothing from ears, all orifaces were examined! Think it's the tooth, makes the most sense with position of blood etc... Phew, thanks all

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