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To think he is being strange??

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Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 10:15:06

Good morning. I have a close friend who I speak to every day, in person and by text message . Nothing inappropriate just lots of friendly banter, work and family talk. There possibly were feelings in his side in the past but they were dismissed pretty quickly as I have nothing more than platonic feelings for him. It didn’t upset the friendship, if anything, his contact became more regular . I dealt with this by extending reply time and basically detaching a little . He has a girlfriend of nearly a year. I don’t know anything about their relationship as he doesn’t mention her .

Mathsaddict Fri 22-Mar-19 10:36:17

Thanks . Yes that’s a good plan. He text to say chat later tonight!!! As he is off on a presentation for the day .im not quite ready to have a chat about it yet as we work so closely and there are so few of us in the area so maybe if I mute the conversations , he will know what’s happening

TheYoungOffendersMum Fri 22-Mar-19 10:23:33

"chat to you tomorrow ^at work^" maybe?

I have sporadic periods where my closest friends and I will message very similarly to this. But he does sound a little out of order. I'd probably have even more constant dialogue with my best friends if we worked together, but we don't even live near each other. I reckon if you didn't work together it would be easier to detach

Mathsaddict Fri 22-Mar-19 10:15:36

Thanks for replies. Yes I see him outside of work, socially a few times of year . Christmas party/ drinks/ research events etc . I sent a direct ’ Chat to you romorrow’ Message yesterday evening after he messaged a few times and he didn’t respond thankfully apart from a basic goodbye but first thing this morning, it started again. I think he isn’t aware of how inappropriate this is . I think that he believes that this is how friends are with eachother . We are both early thirties but worlds apart in our life styles and commitments so maybe he is bored and has more free time than me to try to keep up contact .

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 16:38:39

Yes or is creeping me out a bit now especially reading all the responses

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 16:23:59

A girlfriend posted that she was fed up?

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 16:20:02

The fact he doesn't do it when with his gf isn't a positive it shows his behaviour is deliberate and calculated and he knows he needs to hide it from her.

Aria999 Thu 21-Mar-19 16:16:15

You're not being unreasonable to enforce some boundaries. Is it starting to creep you out? I would be uncomfortable with it.

Thegoodthere Thu 21-Mar-19 16:12:40

Is this the other side of that recent thread about a bloke who was messaging his female friend all the time and complimenting her, and the girlfriend was getting fed up?

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 16:07:50

Please believe me I have not at any stage encouraged any of this. My husband has many female friends that have the same chats etc but the intensity is the thing that differs. That has stepped up a gear. And when I detach, my friend seeks me out even more. There is no sexual or romantic feelings on either part but there does seem to some sort of dependency on his part .But he is able to detach aswell. If he was that determined and dependant he would be texting when with his girlfriend and for the most part he really doesn’t .

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 16:01:31

How would you feel if a woman was doing this to your DH?

EvaHarknessRose Thu 21-Mar-19 15:55:14

He is at best unhealthily dependent on you and your boundaries might need some tuning up - you've actually got to the point where you are planning to leave your mobile phone at home for your holiday before you have started to question the amount of contact? No, you actually addressed it before but have not noticed it creeping up.

XiCi Thu 21-Mar-19 15:33:14

I think he believes that we are male and female versions of each other and that we have this incredible personality connection

So basically he thinks you are soul mates. That's what he is making clear to you, and you are doing neither of you any favours by encouraging it.

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 15:24:19

It looks like you are making excuses for him when you know this isn't normal, even the best of friends don't have this level of contact. Imagine a woman doing this to your DH, you'd have nipped it in the bud long ago. Have a word and if he doesn't like it then tough, if he makes problems at work report him, time to cut him off.
Do you ever see him outside of work?

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 15:19:21

I think he believes that we are male and female versions of eachother and that we have this incredible personality connection . That is all . He did used to comment on me a few years ago in a physical way but never since he met his girlfriend so I know it’s not an attraction for him .

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 15:15:07

A fantasist; as in lives in a fantasy world/ exaggerating his lifestyle, how can he be doing all this yet still be msgin you constantly? It's stalker like behaviour.

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 15:07:51

What is a fantasist? The more o wrote the more ridiculous this is. He literally messages me before and after so many events eg training, cinema, concerts, football games. And sometimes during them. And all weekend and holidays Sounds crazy.

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:34:16

Sorry just seen he supposedly has friends/hobbies, yet finds time to constantly msg you? Possibly a fantasist?

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:32:54

I definitely think you need to say something; msgin at dawn? How does he think this is ok? You're his colleague not his gf. Stop trying to be nice, he's overstepped the boundary here. Do you see each other outside of work? Are you similar ages? Has he any friends?

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 14:30:58

I suggested that there were boundaries being crossed some time ago. I suggested that we lay off the chats after work. It gradually crept back. As I said I respond now and again, I don’t begin the conversations and I don’t engage in unsociable hours. He has loads of friends, hobbies, close family a very busy and full life . He spends an evening with his girlfriend every week and then he’ll still message through each weekend day .and holidays . I’m leaving my phone at home for a holiday abroad at Easter , As he will just message all day through if I don’t. And he will stop if I don’t respond after three or four messages .

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 14:26:26

Ok thanks. I don’t want any trouble. I wanted to enjoy the friendship and while I knew it was a bit intense , I didn’t really start thinking about it heavily until I added two and two together and realised that if he was meeting her at eight, he would send a final message at 7 59 and then again at literally 07 01 the next morning . Immediately when she arrives and straight away when she leaves . That’s is plain weirdness to me so this is when I started to reflect and think about the appropriateness of the friendship. I really really do not egg him on . I have no interest in him. I am naturally outgoing and chatty and bubbly so I find being cooler and distant difficult . I am at a stage where I have do not disturb mode on until I get to work each morning as the messaging can start at dawn despite working beside him two hours later, for the whole day!

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:21:10

Have you ever asked him to cut back the volume of msgs? I would say can you please stop messaging me so much I'm finding it a bit much. If it makes things difficult at work go to HR, this level of contact would drive me nuts. Has he no other friends? He doesn't do it when he's with his gf cos she'd probably tell him he's s bloody weirdo!

Holidaylover Thu 21-Mar-19 14:19:38

First of all if you work together and speak to each other face to face at work you need to speak to him about this, you need to ask him in a jokey way why he messages you as soon as his girlfriend leaves and ask him if he thinks it's OK to message you that much
. I don't think this is a very good idea whats going on at the moment. Yes it could be completely innocent on both parts although I don't think it is on his but..... Your husband is not going to put up with this forever no matter how honestly you are with him he will end up hating this guy.
Plus the guys girlfriend probably isnt aware of this at all and if she finds out she's not going to be happy with either of you. Yes you've done nothing wrong but your creating the possibilty of trouble further down the line

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 14:17:02

Yes. I think you are right but how . He doesn’t have that attachment when with his girlfriend so that gives me some comfort .

Bookworm4 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:05:14

Eh? You work all day together and he msgd you incessantly? Time to stop this, he's got an unhealthy attachment to you.

Mathsaddict Thu 21-Mar-19 13:58:21

Yes I do. My husband is fully aware of the chats and banter and I will share, more than not, any texts etc I receive . There is no sexual referencing or anything as such but nice and kind comments which I expect are not appropriate if I am to be honest

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