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Unexpected things you have learnt

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brizzlemint Thu 21-Mar-19 10:05:27

That fast drying glue is a very effective (and painful) leg hair remover.

Anybody else had some unexpected discoveries?

JaneJeffer Thu 21-Mar-19 10:23:04

That if someone drops something on the floor it can vanish into thin air.

brizzlemint Thu 21-Mar-19 13:08:19

The floor round here has those properties as well but they never seem to apply to rubbish.

Adam3322 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:13:02

how handy and convienient it is too keep a pack of baby wipes in the car at all times

AnaVanda Thu 21-Mar-19 13:24:53

How to make scissors disappear while wrapping gifts: Put them on the floor.. Tadaa!

Adam3322 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:26:33

or how the end of the sellotape seems to play hide and seek

brizzlemint Thu 21-Mar-19 13:33:33

that feet have built in plug detectors that come with an audio notification message.

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