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To tap into MNers' creativity?

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CharityConundrum Thu 21-Mar-19 01:14:39

I am helping out with a themed charity fundraiser.
I can get my hands on incredibly discounted goods which fit the theme and which would be ideal to sell at the fundraiser.

EXCEPT, the terms of the sale of these items prohibit me from selling them/auctioning them/raffling them/using them as competition prizes/ebaying them.
I have to give them away/use them for the beneficiaries of the charity/use them in the course of the charity's business.

Can anyone think of a creative way to give away items free of charge in a way that makes money. I am absolutely not looking for ways to break the rules as I really value the work of the organisation that could potentially provide the items, but the charity is strapped for cash and also does good work, so I'm just wondering if anyone with a more creative mind than mine can think of a way to raise money by giving things away for free?!

Crabbyandproudofit Thu 21-Mar-19 01:19:59

Charge an entrance fee to an event where you give a 'goody bag' to all attendees? You could probably get other things to go in the bags because the donors would be getting advertising.

ToastyFingers Thu 21-Mar-19 12:03:27

Can you have games where you win tickets that can then be exchanged for prizes?

Onlysocks Thu 21-Mar-19 12:50:54

can you use the items to make money? e.g. if it is make-up then charge people for make-overs, if it is food then charge people to participate in a picnic.

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