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To have a spray tan before I go on holiday?

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Mindfullness Wed 20-Mar-19 20:37:33

Going away in a few weeks and am dreading the usual and embarrassing first few days of being milk bottle white. Would it be a silly idea to have a spray tan before? The only things putting me off are will it stop me going in the pool and can you still tan the same? Thanks x

Lazypuppy Wed 20-Mar-19 20:45:47

When you rub sun cream on its going to ruin your spray tan anyway. Just be pale and go enjoy your holiday

Iamverylittle Wed 20-Mar-19 20:47:51

Never had a spray tan, but they are supposed to wear off, not wash off, so the pool should be fine.

You will tan/burn just the same as you normally would.

Just means you will look better when you arrive than most of us!

raffle Wed 20-Mar-19 20:48:14

I’ve never found using suntan lotion spoils a spray tan. Get a light one done, I tan perfectly normally through one.

SnaccidentsHappen Wed 20-Mar-19 20:48:23

It all come off in the pool, it's the chlorine

Shahlalala Wed 20-Mar-19 20:48:27

I have done this before a couple of days before I went. It was ideal, still went swimming lots in pools and the sea.
I don’t really tan anyway and cover myself in suncream, so can’t help with that bit!

DontGoIntoTheLongGrass Wed 20-Mar-19 20:52:08

What about a few sessions on a sunbed?

I sympathise. I am also alabaster white and am going on holiday shortly. Dreading breaking out my lily white legs in front of in-laws 😂 mil has has some sunbed time already. Going to have to go myself.

OKBobble Wed 20-Mar-19 20:58:34

Spray tan does not wash off in the pool. Use suncream though. I have heard some numpties don't or use less because they are alreayd tanned confused I have a light one before I go just so I feel better about my dazzling white bod!! As it wears off you get tanned naturally so you don't really notice the transition. But pay for a decent one.

Kenworthington Wed 20-Mar-19 20:58:48

I always always have a spray tan before I go. It fades but as you’ll also tan, you shouldn’t get any weird patches or anything- you’ll just go from tan to tan. Though I now do sunbeds instead of spray tan

Shookethtothecore Wed 20-Mar-19 21:02:36

I always get one. Take a scrub with you and as you tan naturally scrub the fake stuff off. I always get amazing tans with the gradual exfoliating aswell

SlowTango Wed 20-Mar-19 21:05:22

I love getting a spray tan but it goes patchy on me after a few days. For holidays, I usually apply the gradual ones for about a week before I leave and take it with me to avoid annoying patchy bits when I’ve got more of my body out!

TroysMammy Wed 20-Mar-19 21:06:10

I know someone who had a spray tan for holidays and after 2 weeks came back home paler than she went.

Dieu Wed 20-Mar-19 21:06:55

What about one of those body lotions with the built-in tan. You could use it in the run up to your hol. The Dove Derma skin one gets brilliant reviews. Cheap as chips too.

RainbowHash Wed 20-Mar-19 21:11:12

I did one last year, first time. Am quite pale and was a bit nervous about it. I asked them for the most subtle shade, but they knew what I needed and did it. (Looked darker on the poster than I would have chosen). But, actually it looked great, got compliments, and I felt more confident. Lasted quite a while and didn't come off in pool or sea. Would defo recommend and do again! Might just do one this week for the hell of it now!

missmartini Wed 20-Mar-19 21:13:10

Always have a spray tan before a holiday....purely because I'm a lovely shade of blue to be honest.

Just apply sun cream regularly...

Although be warned...I went to Mexico in the middle of a monsoon...I got gradually paler as the holiday went on...everyone else stayed their usual colour lol

Mindfullness Wed 20-Mar-19 21:14:46

Thanks ladies, I think I will take the plunge and opt for a light one 😊

SuziQ10 Wed 20-Mar-19 21:29:47

The light one can go a little bit yellow. Safer with medium.
I always apply gradual tan or get a spray tan before a holiday. I feel more confident in swimwear / summer wear with a bit of tan! Have a great hol.

SnaccidentsHappen Wed 20-Mar-19 21:50:25

Chlorine does have an effect on spray tans, I do spray tans on a daily basis.

SrSteveOskowski Wed 20-Mar-19 22:01:09

I always get one done before I go on holiday. I'm probably the only person who goes out tanned and comes back white!
I never get a tan. Don't know what it is about me.

le42 Wed 20-Mar-19 22:05:42

I always spray tan as I don’t want to use sunbeds and I hate looking ghostly the first few days. Really helps my confidence and I haven’t had weird patch experiences but maybe it depends how often you swim?

VampirateQueen Wed 20-Mar-19 22:17:43

With a spray tan you are supposed to leave it for a while and then wash it off before bed, to remove any excess. IME the longer you leave it on the darker you go, but I have only ever used St.Tropez tans, not sure how it works with others. It shouldn't stop you going in the pool and you should still tan.

Ginseng1 Wed 20-Mar-19 22:23:16

I've got them if going somewhere where most people tanned am a pale as anything n never tan. I go a bit overboard n kids have a right laugh at me on way there am SO dark (for me) but after a day r two looks so healthy. It wears off after week tho so by second week of hol am pale again!

Aroundtheworldandback Wed 20-Mar-19 22:25:56

Why would you ask if it’s silly to have a spray tan? Just use sun protection as you normally would.

Polestar50 Wed 20-Mar-19 22:31:48

I did this last year. I felt utterly ridiculous going for a spray tan (really really not the sort of thing I normally do) but the result was brilliant, even and fairly natural looking. Was able to wear shorts and little dresses straight away without feeling too self conscious about being so pale.
It is a silly and unnecessary thing to do (no one else really cares what you look like, obviously) but it did make a difference to my confidence so I'd say yeah, go for it!

angelikacpickles Wed 20-Mar-19 22:37:10

I always get one done before I go on holiday. I'm probably the only person who goes out tanned and comes back white!

Nope! I do this too. I get gradually lighter as the holiday goes on!

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