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Mumsnet made me buy them, now they're gone

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RippleEffects Wed 20-Mar-19 17:24:03

Lidl Jaffa Cakes, no others compare.

After all the Lidl/ Mumsnet colaborations surely someone from mumsnet HQ could bring us up to date with when supplies will resume.

Anyone know anything on this or found any others worth trying?

00100001 Wed 20-Mar-19 17:27:37

Go to the local polish shops and get down Wedel Jaffa cakes.

They do strawberry, raspberry, peach, blueberry and all sorts. They're delicious!

SilverySurfer Wed 20-Mar-19 17:49:28

M&S 'jaffa cakes' are the best, especially lemon and lime.

EscapeTheCastle Wed 20-Mar-19 18:05:55

Gosh yes, those M&S lemon and lime are something quite wonderful.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Wed 20-Mar-19 18:07:35

I like the M&S ones. You can get several in your mouth.

DaanSaaf Wed 20-Mar-19 18:10:36

Whatever you do op, don't buy Aldi's own lotus biscuits. I've just polished 2/3 of the packet in one sitting sad

AndWhat Wed 20-Mar-19 18:14:21

Aldi’s lotus biscuits are amazing! They are sturdy enough to be dunked too!

RippleEffects Wed 20-Mar-19 18:27:41

We do like the Polish shop ones, I'd forgotten about them.

Our local M and S closed down but the Jaffa cake crisis is such it may well be worth a drive out. Are they the rectangular ones? I think we had some of those at an M and S on a motorway services and they disappeared pretty quickly.

DH bought a big box from farmfoods, of a well known brand, and there have been complaints.

Aldi is very accessible, i don't think we've tried theirs before. I don't think I've seen they have them before.

Toddlerteaplease Wed 20-Mar-19 18:44:14

And don't buy lotus spread!

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Wed 20-Mar-19 18:46:47

What is the spread like? I like the biscuits but I can’t get the idea of chewed rich tea biscuits out of my head when I think of the spread.

artemisdubois Wed 20-Mar-19 18:47:53

I'm really missing the Lidl jaffa cakes - fingers crossed they'll be back soon as I think the recall was due to a labelling error. The M&S ones aren't too different, and the Bahlsen ones will suffice too (though I do genuinely prefer the Lidl ones), but it hurts to pay >£1 for a small box when I'm so used to getting 24 even nicer jaffas for 89p.

artemisdubois Wed 20-Mar-19 18:53:16

Aldi's jaffas are (unless they've changed in the last couple of years) just like your basic supermarket ones, I'm afraid - dry cake and not enough orange. Acceptable in desperate times, but not at all like the Lidl ones sad.

AnnaMagnani Wed 20-Mar-19 19:14:33

Tesco stocks the Wedel Jaffa cakes in its Polish section if you don't have a Polish shop.

I wish I hadn't found this out a month after starting a diet

Leeds2 Wed 20-Mar-19 19:23:57

Anna, aren't things from the Polish section mega expensive? I remember looking at their American section once, and being shocked at the cost of a box of cereal!

PH03b3 Wed 20-Mar-19 19:24:48

Do not have the lotus Krispy creme doughnut or the milkshake they do with it. I warn you!

AnnaMagnani Wed 20-Mar-19 19:45:37

Leeds2 No idea, I'm on a bloody diet!

Usually the world foods section is the home of bargains.

Jebuschristchocolatebar Wed 20-Mar-19 19:50:03

Lotus spread is manna from the heavens. There is nothing it doesn’t improve.

MaybeitsMaybelline Wed 20-Mar-19 19:52:01

Definitely m&s the chocolate is lovely and the orange tangy and the shape is best, I love a rectangle Jaffa cake.

MaybeitsMaybelline Wed 20-Mar-19 19:54:05

Polish section is cheap as chips, often their cheese, curd and ham are cheaper than on the usual aisles. Poland is a lot nearer to the UK than rather US as there are a lot more polish immigrants here so import quantities will be larger, hence cheaper.

huntinghighandlow Wed 20-Mar-19 20:05:01

Whenever I see the lotus spread I always think of the mumsnetters who can't stop eating it. I have zero self control so I have to force myself to keep walking!

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