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To hate my cordless Dyson and want to throw it out?

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insideoutandback Wed 20-Mar-19 15:08:55

I have never been that impressed with the bloody thing, and now I seem to spend more time trying to clean it out so that it picks something up ! And the more I see / hear James Dyson waffling on about Brexit the more resentful I am becoming of the useless piece of shit.

I only have hard floors no carpets so might just revert to brushing as I think it would be more effective .

Bigonesmallone3 Wed 20-Mar-19 15:16:28

Which one do u have?

NewAndImprovedNorks Wed 20-Mar-19 15:19:20

I have a long-standing and permanent rant on my family cha group about my sodding cordless Dyson, that has decided AGAIN not to work.
It runs into several paragraphs, and yes, I mention BrexitBollox as well.

Hate the thing, just HATE it and it cost SO much and promised SO much.

Every time I try to empty it, it falls apart, and then it is a pain to put together.
It refused to pick up cotton threads (I am a textile artist, I mainly produce cotton threads)
Fills up in thirty seconds, doesn’t recharge properly


blackteasplease Wed 20-Mar-19 15:21:25

I love mine but would have bought a different brand of cordless hoover if I'd known about his Brexit views before buying.

BigButtonsOnMyPhone Wed 20-Mar-19 15:26:11

Crikey. I have a fluffy and love it.
Had no problems with it st all.

AdvancedAvoider Wed 20-Mar-19 15:30:42

I've got a V10 and it's awesome.

weemouse Wed 20-Mar-19 15:33:00

Another V10 owner here, and also loving mine. Which version do you have?

LovingLola Wed 20-Mar-19 15:33:21

I have a V 10 and a small hand held one. Have never once had an issue.
How does it fall apart when you empty it?

insideoutandback Wed 20-Mar-19 15:33:56

@Bigonesmallone3 I have a DC59 it is getting on a bit but honestly it has never picked up anything much!

Yes NewImproved just this !! And all the dirt gets stuck so if you want to empty it without taking it all apart you have stick a knife or something in! It never manages a full floor clean.

I wish I hadn't give the arse my money !

GallicosCats Wed 20-Mar-19 15:34:22

I always hated the corded Dysons in their previous incarnation. Large, clunky, messy to empty and wrecked my back every time I used them.

I now have a Miele Cat & Dog which has been great. Well, DH hates that there's a bag to change, but tough.

Malibucyprus Wed 20-Mar-19 15:34:45

I have a Vax Blade and I HATE the stupid thing!! It’s completely and utterly crap!!

Doesnt pick up anything!! But it’s very good at pushing bits around the room, into corners and it’s favourite party trick is spitting out anything that’s managed to gather in the brushes when I put it up on the wall!

Did a lot of research before buying it and bought it based on the (lies) reviews.

Bananasarenottheonlyfruit Wed 20-Mar-19 15:35:55

Well this is depressing! I posted on Friday asking for recommendations for a cordless vacuum, anything other than Dyson. Not one single reply. And every one of you here are raving about how great Dysons are.

There must be others out there that are just as good and don’t have James Dyson in charge?!

Bananasarenottheonlyfruit Wed 20-Mar-19 15:38:48

And even worse, I have spent half the afternoon researching alternatives and had landed on a Vax Blade. And now the only person who has one of those hates it!

Are all cordless/handheld vacuums just shit?

ShatnersWig Wed 20-Mar-19 15:39:40

I've never met anyone in real life who has a good word to say about Dyson cleaners.

Bigonesmallone3 Wed 20-Mar-19 15:40:32

I love my dyson cordless 🤷‍♀️

Neverender Wed 20-Mar-19 15:41:36

My vax blade is great I just keep it on until it's over a bin and then turn it off. All the bits caught in the brushes land in the bin...

ExplodingCarrots Wed 20-Mar-19 15:43:09

Buy a Shark and never look back.

Theunreasonableone Wed 20-Mar-19 15:43:47

We bought a V10 at Christmas and it's bloody awesome. The house has never been so clean.

Katinkka Wed 20-Mar-19 15:43:51

my Dyson is great.

Jasmineallenestate Wed 20-Mar-19 15:44:34

My Gtech has been consistently amazing. I also have a cordless dyson (have a vacuum weakness) which is good for upholstery but the gtech is a dream.

Tweedypie Wed 20-Mar-19 15:44:51

Mine was a real pain in the beginning because with long haired family members it clogs up so quickly and stops the roller.
However after a couple of YouTube videos I've taught myself the best and easiest way to remove it and the trapped dirt ledges inside the brush head and now it works so much better. Also battery lasts longer as I think it's less hardwork for the motor. It is a pain but so much lighter and nicer than moving corded vacuum around.

Amber0685 Wed 20-Mar-19 15:46:01

I have a GTech one, very happy with it

BreconBeBuggered Wed 20-Mar-19 15:48:44

MIL swears by her Dyson. I bought one once and the bloody thing was so fussy and princessy it went into sulk mode if you asked it to pick up anything it didn't fancy, like dirt or hair. I was forever poring over instructions and pulling it apart. When it mercifully keeled over I bought a cheap thing that didn't seem to mind what it ate. Much less stressful.

Whatsnewpussyhat Wed 20-Mar-19 15:50:43

I hate mine too. Not that bad on carpets but absolutely useless on the tiled kitchen floor.

Cookit Wed 20-Mar-19 15:51:29

I hate mine. Every 5 mins I need to clear it out because it gets clogged up super easily, even if the container bit barely seems to have anything in it.
Taking it apart most uses to try and figure out where the clog is coming from now, then when you’ve fixed it two mins later it clogs again in a different place.
I have no pets, vacuum regularly and cannot thing of a reason for it to be so unworkable.

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