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Regarding seeing a therapist

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Lou780 Wed 20-Mar-19 13:33:40

My friend's DD is 12. she recently threatened suicide and is very depressed and unhappy. She hides away in her room each night and says she is only happy at school. Her parents are very very volitile to each other and her dad is an abusive drunk. Although I have no evidence it's towards his child..just his wife..but she certainly overhears.
She has said she might be trans. And she saw a therapist last week. I was surprised that her mother went into the session with her. Is this usual? I mean it may well be..I have no experience of this. I just thought it might be better for her DD to see therapist alone? In case she actually want to talk about stuff she doesn't want mum to hear?
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Di11y Wed 20-Mar-19 14:15:16

it might be the first session was with mum and the rest aren't. certainly unlikely to get the best out of her with mum there.

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