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To think all our government parties are shit!

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Motherofcreek Wed 20-Mar-19 12:14:12

I have no idea who to vote for in the next GE.

TM needs to be ashamed of her self over the fuck up of brexit and the disgusting treatment of people needing benefits or low wage incomes. She is even using a the fact she is taking away free school lunches away as a bargaining tool if she gets back in!

The break away groups looking for stardom.

And the rest of the left and their ridiculous stance on transgender issues. How the fuck can they hire a man to look after female rights?

<< goes off to look for passport to get out of this circus>>

pigsDOfly Wed 20-Mar-19 12:27:49

I'm in the same position.

Dread to think of the awful mess we'd be in if Labour got in, can't in all honesty vote Tory after the god awful screw up of Brexit - I voted remain - and several other reasons: Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson being two of them.

I didn't know about the school lunches, bloody hell, that's low.

I really can't see myself not voting at all because that's a cop out so have been finding myself leaning towards Lib Dems for a while now. Although that's pretty much a wasted vote tbh.

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