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To let you know thought crime is now a thing

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CalliopeMeansMusic Wed 20-Mar-19 09:41:50

Apologies for the odious DM link, but this has really chilled me.

A woman is being investigated by police and faces a two year jail sentence for allegedly misgendering Jackie Green during a tweet. What has the world become when we cannot state simple, biological facts without fear of prosecution? And why do the beliefs of the mother and daughter (that they are now living as a member of the opposite sex) trump the beliefs of Caroline Farrow? I am all for protecting vulnerable people from hate crimes, but this is not a hate crime, and makes a mockery of people facing real discrimination and fear.

On the plus side, I may move to Surrey; clearly its ridiculously safe if the police have all that time to investigate this!

Carriemac Wed 20-Mar-19 09:42:49

this is outrageous

Unihorn Wed 20-Mar-19 09:44:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SaucyJack Wed 20-Mar-19 09:48:10

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SaucyJack Wed 20-Mar-19 09:48:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SnuggyBuggy Wed 20-Mar-19 09:49:05

Fucking grim

Arewehumanorbones Wed 20-Mar-19 09:51:35

SaucyJack - I had a quick look at her Twitter and couldn't see anything like that? What do you mean?

Birdsgottafly Wed 20-Mar-19 10:00:56

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CalliopeMeansMusic Wed 20-Mar-19 10:04:26

I think the main issue is that this could set a precedent. Maybe Farrow is considered a troll, but once she has been prosecuted for this incident, it means that the next person who makes a genuine mistake is totally open to punishment.

Birdsgottafly Wed 20-Mar-19 10:05:44

Arewehumanorbones, Google. CF and abortion, CF and Gay marriage. She would like us back to the 18th Century.

Birdsgottafly Wed 20-Mar-19 10:09:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BejamNostalgia Wed 20-Mar-19 10:10:58

Apparently Green has withdrawn the allegation.

Probably because of the terrible press it was getting them

Beamur Wed 20-Mar-19 10:12:00

I don't think people can change sex either.

Alltheprettyseahorses Wed 20-Mar-19 10:13:31

I have no time for Farrow. I think she's a balloonhead and can actually be dangerous eg the Alfie's Army fiasco. However, no one should be prosecuted for speaking the truth and if they are, well she's said nothing different to what Green has publicly said several times. Main difference is Farrow didn't laugh about it.

CalliopeMeansMusic Wed 20-Mar-19 10:14:20

Birdsgottafly the idea that people cannot change their sex isn't just one expressed by religious followers. On a basic biological level, one cannot change their physical, biological sex, however much they may want to. They can change their gender sure, and the way they present themselves to society, and I've got no problem with people living their lives in peace, but the fact remains that biological sex is a binary which cannot be changed. Gender is a social construct, and a totally different argument.

Yours is the same argument put forward by Men's Rights Activists, who claim that all Men are in danger, because of the sexual offences laws.

This is a ridiculous comparison.

CalliopeMeansMusic Wed 20-Mar-19 10:15:31

Alltheprettyseahorses that was my argument; Farrow as an individual may be questionable and have seriously dodgy ideas, but punishing her sets a precedent, and that is the issue.

sackrifice Wed 20-Mar-19 10:15:39

Message deleted by MNHQ for repeating deleted message. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SileneOliveira Wed 20-Mar-19 10:25:32

I disagree with this woman on nearly everything.

But arresting her for "misgendering" or whatever is plain nonsense. have the police nothing better to do? She is spot on with this one - people can't change sex.

BigChocFrenzy Wed 20-Mar-19 10:27:07

I would personally use someone's preferred pronouns, provided they aren't a rapist, paedophile or other violent criminal.
That is just good manners and being kind.

However, is it legally a crime - worth several months of police investigation - to refer to a biological male as "he" ?

Religion definitely is a protected characteristic under international law, including the European Human Rights Convention

Prequelle Wed 20-Mar-19 10:27:14

It's absolute ridiculousness. The fact police are wasting their time with this yet around my area we are getting letters left right and centre about 'lack of resources so your issue can't be investigated' hmm

BigChocFrenzy Wed 20-Mar-19 10:27:36

A transwoman is not a woman; a transgirl is not a girl
It's not a crime to say that and I can't find any legislation about pronouns either

JacquesHammer Wed 20-Mar-19 10:27:47

Susie Green suggests she didn’t complain because of the misgendering but then goes on to say “she repeatedly called my daughter “he”, but that’s not the issue”.

So clear as mud then.

dworky Wed 20-Mar-19 10:29:19

@SaucyJack You do know words mean things, right?

As an atheist I do not have much in common with Caroline but she is certainly not a troll of any kind. Stop lying.

Carriemac Wed 20-Mar-19 10:30:11

Was Susie Green being kind when she took her child abroad for genital surgery?

CuriousaboutSamphire Wed 20-Mar-19 10:30:20

As Silene said. I am a bit shock at the outpourings of support for her on other threads. I have often angrily disagreed with her crusades (like Alfies Army).

But this is a ludicrous situation for the police and the CPS to be involved with.

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