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To go to GP over this?

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WooWooCocktail Wed 20-Mar-19 02:26:36

So I hate taking up Gp time for things unless they’re vital. But I’m not getting any sleep or rest lately because I’m getting BEYOND itchy. Every single night and absolutely everywhere. I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes there’s heat lumps and sometimes not. I’ve googled persistent heat lumps but it doesn’t appear to be a better thing. Not changed washing powders, no change of soaps and no rashes.

Can anyone advise before I have to book a GP app?

BejamNostalgia Wed 20-Mar-19 02:30:08

Yes, that’s fine. How old are you? Could be the menopause and they can help with that

WooWooCocktail Wed 20-Mar-19 02:33:39

Nope too young for menopause! I’m honestly despairing

Palace13 Wed 20-Mar-19 02:34:56

Please see the GP. It's what they're there for. Entirely reasonable for you to get this looked at

notsurewhatshappening Wed 20-Mar-19 02:37:01

You might need blood tests to check liver function etc - see a GP.

Palace13 Wed 20-Mar-19 02:42:18

And if it's a long wait for an appointment, pop into the chemist in the meantime. Pharmacists can be brilliant in my experience

mokapot Wed 20-Mar-19 02:44:28

Bed bugs?

Gingerkittykat Wed 20-Mar-19 02:46:13

I had constant itchy lumps like an allergic rash for months. The GP diagnosed idiopathic urticaria (ie no known cause) and eventually through trial and error found a combo of antihistimanes that worked.

It eventually disappeared on its own. I've no idea if stress was part of it.

Eurax cream from the chemist was also brilliant.

Boredgiraffes Wed 20-Mar-19 02:47:18

How long has this been going on for?

WooWooCocktail Wed 20-Mar-19 02:49:40

The past week. Why liver function? I did have an overdose of paracetamol about 6 months ago that damaged my liver..

Boredgiraffes Wed 20-Mar-19 02:51:48

I hate to say but could it be scabies? If not could be an allergic reaction. Yes after a week I would see a gp regardless

WooWooCocktail Wed 20-Mar-19 02:53:20

There’s no apparent rash and the lumps that come and go are 100% heat lumps

vinegarqueen Wed 20-Mar-19 02:54:00

YES go to the GP! You have waited, it hasn't gone away, it needs checking out.

LonelyTiredandLow Wed 20-Mar-19 02:58:23

Itchy skin can be a sign of liver disease. Given your recent history I'd strongly recommend you get that looked at first. Best of luck.

Olikingcharles Wed 20-Mar-19 03:02:08

I second getting a liver function test as pp says itchy skin can indicate poor liver function. Given you already have had some issues that's a concern. Good luck.

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