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To seek a dx of ASD as an adult?

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Islands81 Tue 19-Mar-19 20:48:06

My eldest dd (14), was diagnosed with ASD 3 years ago, and now my youngest is also being assessed. They have different fathers, and through having to have become quite the expert on ASD because of them, it’s smacked me between the eyes that I am the common denominator here. When I look back at my life, all the way from childhood, and view it through the lens of ASD it makes perfect sense - my difficulties with socialising, work, relationships, food etc.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I do have ASD, and I have thought about getting a dx. But I don’t know if there are any benefits to doing this, and if there’s any point? I’ve been self employed for 14 years (I much prefer working alone because I find being around people too much exhausting). However now the children are getting older I need to think about getting more of a career, with a pension etc, and I’m wondering if having a dx would help or hinder that? Although to be honest the thought of having to interact with people for 8 hours a day terrifies me, I’m a bit lost at the moment with regards to what I will do.

Has anyone had a dx of ASD as an adult and how has it affected you?

bridgetreilly Tue 19-Mar-19 20:52:41

I'm not sure that there would be a lot of benefit to you from a diagnosis. What might be more useful is doing some reading around how people with ASD manage some of what you've noticed you find hard, such as working with other people.

MuddlingMackem Tue 19-Mar-19 21:20:15

Getting a diagnosis now may not seem necessary, but it may help you in later life. I remember reading on here a poster saying that her FIL was diagnosed at 70 because his ASD meant he couldn't manage his own medication.

foxtiger Wed 20-Mar-19 08:31:55

What's a DX?

littlemeitslyn Wed 20-Mar-19 10:10:21


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