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Think I have just gone NC with mother

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ChimneyStacks Tue 19-Mar-19 10:06:25

So DM thinks (in her own words from earlier) that DH was looking for someone to just look after him financially when we got together because he would never be able to achieve himself. For context DH has earned very decent salaries and we now run a business together. As it was mine to begin with I am more client facing but he has brought work in as well as done proposals for me that have secured work. Alongside this he looks after our DS as I have to be away a bit and has seen me through some pretty hard times health wise.

His family is by no means poor, just not as rich as DP. And therefore any salary unless in the 7 figures wouldn’t match either what my DF earned (DM didn’t work) or my DS because - few people could bluntly. Therefore it’s all inadequate. Of course we wouldn’t talk about exact figures he earned or our revenue now and that is of course because it ‘must be a pittance’. Not that it was a pretty inappropriate ask - especially as she wouldn’t want to really give you details but just holds her own wealth over your head ie: I would trust to leave it to you but not your husband so I can’t go into it

DH is a good man. What he does helps me do what I do. I was never traditionalist and I am punished for that.

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