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Referral to the NMC

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likeawedding Tue 19-Mar-19 07:30:06

I am pretty sure I’m fucked, am I?

kateclarke Tue 19-Mar-19 07:31:00

Are you able to say why you were referred?

Wingedharpy Tue 19-Mar-19 07:31:56

Depends on why you've been referred.

MinorChef Tue 19-Mar-19 07:32:50

Not necessarily! They don't want to fuck people over. What's happened?

Lovestonap Tue 19-Mar-19 07:34:23

No, not fucked. Sometimes they find there's no case to answer, sometimes they want to see written evidence of learning from an event, sometimes they require further training or supervision. Sometimes they 'strike off'. It all depends what the problem is. Get your union to support you.

likeawedding Tue 19-Mar-19 07:36:07

Yes, have been in close contact with my union.

I failed a drugs test, basically: there’s more to it than that but that’s the gist.

SD1978 Tue 19-Mar-19 07:45:55

Not necessarily- understandable why you don't want to divulge specifics, but you have u ion support. If you can provide statements, and potentially mitigating circumstances, whilst your practise may be limited for a time, it's not an automatic suspension soon from the register. But without context, which I understand not wanting to give, impossible to comment.

Stinkycatbreath Tue 19-Mar-19 08:18:34

Im not sure about NMC but with HCPC they are so inconsistent. I've seen people struck off for not keeping case notes up to date yet a colleague of mine did something far worse over several cases and was given conditions for practice. What have you been alleged to ha very done.?

TheTurnOfTheScrew Tue 19-Mar-19 08:24:04

i work in healthcare
i know two people who have been referred to HCPC/GMC and have continued to practise without sanction
i know two people referred to NMC and removed.
One difference I would say is that the former two held their hands up over the issues arising, whereas the latter pair did not admit allegations and minimised any wrongdoing.

SusanneLinder Tue 19-Mar-19 08:26:09

Depends on drug ( if weed, not so much) and was patient care compromised?

resipsa Tue 19-Mar-19 08:26:57

Insight and remediation are key to show to avoid the worst outcome. Explain honestly how/why you failed the test and show evidence about how you will ensure no repeat is my best advice.

Stinkycatbreath Tue 19-Mar-19 08:27:53

My advice would be to look at recent similar hearings and find something similar to see what precedent has already been set they all here.

Speak to your union and get a solicitor if possible as hearings are treated as if they are in a court of law with a judge and legal proceedings. Be truthful as they will always find you out if you are not giving them the full picture. If you have made a mistake admit it and tell them what remedial actions you have taken. It really depends on the accusation it this cant come as a surprise to you. Your employer would have followed disciplinary procedures prior to this or you would have had ample warning. Just be honest with everybody admit mistakes and try and move forward they will not tolerate any bolshiness or attitude easier to be humble.

Ceebs85 Tue 19-Mar-19 08:29:40

If you can prove you have reflected on your actions, give a good and honest account of yourself, present yourself well and stipulate how you would ensure it will never happens again you may be ok.

I've given evidence against someone but for a much different offense.

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Tue 19-Mar-19 09:16:02

You're not necessarily fucked, no. It depends on the drug, whether there is reason to suspect that you were under the influence at work and therefore a risk to patients, any mitigating circumstances, what area of nursing you work in, for example if you're working with children. You say there's "more to it" so it also depends what that is, obviously.
The best thing you can do now is to be honest and cooperate fully. Trying to minimise or conceal the truth is guaranteed to go against you.

Stompythedinosaur Tue 19-Mar-19 09:24:19

Not necessarily. All you can do is give the best impression possible. I think it depends a bit what drug and whether you were under the influence while working. Where do you work that does drugs tests?

BabyDarlingDollfaceHoney Tue 19-Mar-19 09:26:52

Why did you have to undergo a drugs test? They certainly aren't routine. Was there an incident that caused them to be suspicious of drug use?

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Tue 19-Mar-19 09:52:28

I think it’s the ‘and there’s more too it’ that could possibly be the game changer.

Was patient care compromised? Why did they decide to drug test you?

RoxytheRexy Tue 19-Mar-19 10:35:26

I’m a RCN rep. Good to see you have union involvement. Has there been incidents prior to this? To go straight to NMC is unusual. Have your Trusts policies been followed correctly?

Drug testing is unusual. I’ve never come across it in my time.

dublinmammy1982 Tue 19-Mar-19 10:40:03

There is nowhere near enough information here, OP, if you want genuine advice. Why did you have a drug test in the first place?

EntirelyAnonymised Tue 19-Mar-19 10:49:40

Whatever the details, I wouldn’t post about it on here OP. Get union advice and maybe legal advice. Posting on MN or social media in general about it will not help in any way.

Hobbesmanc Tue 19-Mar-19 14:30:03

I work in Healthcare too. Was it a police drugs test following a road accident? I've processed applications from several candidates with a drink/drug driving conviction who retained their PIN. A lot would depend on the context of the conviction if this is the case- for example the levels of toxicity, if anyone was injured or you were driving with children in the car, if you were heading from or into work.

cinnabunbun Tue 19-Mar-19 14:59:20

It's good that you have union help. Do you have a mentor or supportive line manager at work? If you can be completely honest, write a convincing reflection and have documented steps about changes you have made since the incident eg sought therapy, joined support group etc then you may keep your pin with extra monitoring/supervision and temp suspension. A line manager advocating for your remorse and change would help. If there was any question about the drugs coming from your workplace then that's another matter

drinkygin Tue 19-Mar-19 18:21:58

Surely it depends on the circumstances. Why are you being drug tested?

chocolatebuttonsandcheese Tue 19-Mar-19 18:23:32

Look at the NMC website at cases of a similar nature, it will help you prepare.

NicoAndTheNiners Tue 19-Mar-19 18:28:54

The NMC are there primarily to protect the safety of the public. So if you have been under the influence of drugs at work or there's any possibility that you might be in the future then yes quite possibly you're fucked.

If you can show that you've stopped taking drugs, maybe agree to stringent future drug tests, etc then possibly. Is it a drug where attending narcotics anonymous would help show that you're sorting yourself out? Hopefully your rep will help you with such advice.

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