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To decline job offer

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Peterwab Tue 19-Mar-19 01:10:21

I work for a company that is contracted to large company that has recently announce they will be pulling out of the UK in a few years. This was national news recently and thousands of people will lose their jobs. My redundancy at the end of this will only be worth 1 months pay unless they give us some sort of retainer to stay.

Because of the uncertainty I casually had a look what other jobs are around and applied for one. Within 72 hours I had an interview and was offered the job. I have declined the offer though, below is my reasons:

Pay- Whilst the new job would be slightly more money than I am currently on if I receive a pay rise like we normally do in April I will earn more in my current role.

Commute- They new job is 45 minutes travel each way compared to 15 now. The extra cost in fuel will also equate to around £2k a year. My car is also 12 years old and on 170K millage, I really don’t think it will last long doing 500 miles a week.

Overtime. Whilst the hours of work will be the same as I am on now, they new job does not pay any overtime. For the past two years I have earned an extra £4k pre tax in overtime.

Holidays- New job only gives the statutory 28 days annual leave compared to 33 I have now. Also new job requires you to work all bank holidays (except Christmas) unless booked of in advance

Ultimately, I would be earning less in the new job whilst spending more time traveling. But on the other hand, it is a more secure role.

Please tell me if I was being unreasonable to decline the offer.

IfOnlyOurEyesSawSouls Tue 19-Mar-19 01:17:56

Think about what your values are - ie what is important to you ? Family time ? Holidays? Career progression? Money? Wellbeing?

Once you've identified those think about which option helps you to best align with your values.

We are at our happiest when we make choices that work with our values.

Boredgiraffes Tue 19-Mar-19 01:21:02

It’s a gamble, you either are worse off or have nothing

Peterwab Tue 19-Mar-19 01:28:25

IfOnlyOurEyesSawSouls That is a good point. I am mostly thinking about money but things like bank holidays off is important with me. Sure i could book any Friday/Monday of work but i like having long weekends with the kids. Wellbeing is also a concern the new job could be very stressful whereas i am currently under worked and overpaid.

Boredgiraffes I do still have 2 years until i am out of work. I have also never had any problems finding work in the past. I have also declined 2 interviews this year as the shifts did not suit me. I am confident i will find something more suitable in the future.

Boredgiraffes Tue 19-Mar-19 01:35:12

Go with your gut, you seem sensible and intelligent, do what you think is best

IfOnlyOurEyesSawSouls Tue 19-Mar-19 01:52:46

I think @Peterwab you have identified some important points there - you deserve to be happy so have confidence in your decision- you certainly would not be unreasonable.

custardtarts Tue 19-Mar-19 03:58:10

Currently underworked and overpaid

That's probably why you're company is pulling out of the UK

Peterwab Tue 19-Mar-19 04:50:16

custardtarts They employ thousands of people! I doubt little old me being under worked has anything to do with them shutting down.

HungryForSnacks Tue 19-Mar-19 04:52:56

Will it be harder to find a job elsewhere in a couple of years when thousands are made redundant? That would be my concern.

BoomBoomsCousin Tue 19-Mar-19 05:02:11

I don't think YABU to turn this job down given how quickly and easily you found it and given it isn't really a step up. However, Hungry's point about whether the market is going to be flooded with people with your skills over the next few years is worth thinking about (if your role isn't particularly common in your company this might not be an issue).

You have a couple of years to look for something so a proper hunt for a good role that gets you closer to where you want to be long term makes a lot of sense. Don't wait until you really have to before you get serious about job hunting.

Peterwab Tue 19-Mar-19 05:29:51

HungryForSnacks & BoomBoomsCousin Yes finding a job when thousands of other people in my town are also looking for work in a few years is a concern. But my role is not very common and not the same as thousands of others, most of the staff work directly on a production line. I'm office based in logistics, there are a few very large logistics companies in town. I think I will keep looking for something more suitable closer to home.

kateandme Tue 19-Mar-19 05:54:09

my sister had someone come in and talk to them about this.who said work hard to get secure in your current roles as over the next few years the job market is going to become terribly unstable.especially if 'dear' may gets her way.
but you've also gone with what you think is right so there must be something in that.youve not taken the job now anyway so don't spend you time now worrying and ondering over the what ifs.
your ok now.i think the best way to deal with all that's goin on is not to ignore the future, and the worry that everyone might be facing. but more living in the now.make every moment count as they say.
keep your ear out for what going on in your company.and and eye out for more roles that fit closer to home?
you've done what you think is best.
well done you for being so in demand and getting the job so should feel good about that!

Jokie Tue 19-Mar-19 05:59:58

What about negotiating a different package with your potential employer? Either for a lease car/ more money in general, days off in lieu for overtime etc.

Peterwab Tue 19-Mar-19 06:07:07

Jokie I thought about asking for more but they had already offered me the most they had advertised. Also there is no traveling so I don't think they would offer a car.

Serin Tue 19-Mar-19 06:12:49

Its logistics. A growth area.
You will be fine.

MaverickSnoopy Tue 19-Mar-19 06:39:26

I've been made redundant before during mass redundancy at a previous employer. It sounds like you've panicked a bit and applied for the first relevant thing that came along. They advertised the pay scale so you knew it before you applied and they've offered you the upper end, you also knew how long the commute was. Perhaps you didn't know about the holidays and overtime which has clinched it for you but something tells me that you were acting in panick. Nothing wrong with that but I wouldn't take a job for that reason.

When I was made redundant I was the main but not the only earner. I put together a spreadsheet that showed me what our income would be if i didn't manage to find another job before being made redundant. At the time we would have been entitled to a few tax credits which would have helped. I adjusted our spends and savings to make things easier. Then I had peace of mind and less pressure to take just anything. In the end I took a 6 month fixed contract about 2 months before the place closed, but in the company I wanted to work for. At the end of the 6 months I secured a permanent job in another department (foot in the door).

Don't forget that when you're facing redundancy you get time off work to attend interviews. My employer had an external company come in to help with CV's and interviews. When will you actually be made redundant?

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