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To be stressed with moving and school admissions

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gentlydoesit89 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:14:10

Posting for a bit more traffic than on the primary boards.
DP and I are relocating for work approx 30 miles down away. My DS is 7, due to start year 3 in September.

I’m struggling with the admissions process for his new school. I’ve spoken to the local authority who said to apply for in year admission, but this will need to be for a junior school in the area that starts in year 3.
All well and good but what if we move before July? Do I apply for in year admissions for the primary school so he spends a half term in year 2 (if that’s even possible) and would I then have to further apply for a junior school place?
Do I somehow juggle the commute of 30 miles for the last half term?
It’s all so confusing so any advice or experience would be appreciated.

Sleepless123456789 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:18:52

That sounds really stressful. Have you considered home-schooling him for half a term? That term is pretty short anyway, and the summer has lots of fun 'educational' things you could do?

gentlydoesit89 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:22:21

I can’t sadly as we both work full time.

I’m hoping to speak to the local authority tomorrow but it’s all just getting a bit much now what with everything else to organise.

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