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To think the woman was right to change the baby..

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Justanothernamechange2 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:13:50

...on the bus.

Little back story.. the bus service in question is 1hour48 end to end. The service only runs once per hour so if you get off its a hour until the next one.

Woman and tiny baby get on the bus and sit in the designated buggy park bit. 5mins into the journey it becomes very apparent baby has pooed. The baby is in the laydown carry cot part of the pushchair, quite deep, youd have to peer in to see much of him. The woman quickly changes her son and double bags the nappy and puts that in her changing bag. The window is open + the smell is gone in a matter of minutes.

Another woman on the bus got quite aggressive towards her and said shes a vile creature for changing a baby on the bus and she should have got off the bus or waited until she got home. The mum stated that she was as efficient as possible and if she left him he'd be sore and the bus would continue to smell for another hour n 15mins. The other lady replied "its not raining you coulda got off and waited for the next bus".

Aibu to think the woman did no wrong.. the poor kid needed changing, she did it in a dignified way and shouldnt be expected to stand in the cold and almost darkness for a hour...

TooTrueToBeGood Mon 18-Mar-19 18:17:26

Most buses I've been on would have smelled better for it. Nothing was stopping mrs judgy knickers from getting off the bus.

mimibunz Mon 18-Mar-19 18:17:28

She was fine to change the baby. There was nothing else she could have done that would have been safe.

riotlady Mon 18-Mar-19 18:17:43

Yanbu, did anyone stick up for this poor mum when the woman started having a go?

ILoveMaxiBondi Mon 18-Mar-19 18:17:53


LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 18-Mar-19 18:17:55

Was the baby bothered by a poey nappy? If it was a tiny baby maybe the mum was a bit trigger happy and could have waited. A smelly nappy isn’t great on a stuffy bus!

Still , better that the revolting creature who changed her baby’s stinky nappy on a table in the middle of M&S cafe (and yes there were changing facilities nearby).

Terramirabilis Mon 18-Mar-19 18:18:06

I would rarely agree with changing a baby in a situation like this but given the facts I think it was OK. I'd rather two minutes of discreet changing than 75 minutes of stink.

NewYoiker Mon 18-Mar-19 18:19:31

@LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD that's disgusting!

sausageandrashers Mon 18-Mar-19 18:20:18

Am with the mum here. Surely it wasn't a big deal for the other passengers. Poor lady, she was just trying to do right by her baby.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 18-Mar-19 18:20:30

Put me right off my cheese and mushroom panini.

BlueMerchant Mon 18-Mar-19 18:20:50

I'd have changed baby.

UrsulaPandress Mon 18-Mar-19 18:22:39

Of course she was right to change.

Thesearmsofmine Mon 18-Mar-19 18:23:03

The mum was not being unreasonable.

ThatssomebadhatHarry Mon 18-Mar-19 18:23:58

One day the woman maybe back in nappies. I hope someone lets her sit in her own shit for an hour and a half.

mirime Mon 18-Mar-19 18:24:26

"Was the baby bothered by a poey nappy?"

DS was never bothered, but I still wouldn't have left him for over an hour without changing him!

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 18-Mar-19 18:25:20

I probably wouldn’t have either. But a big stink isn’t always poo.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 18-Mar-19 18:25:53

Would have not wouldn’t have. You can do it quickly and easily enough if needed.

Skyejuly Mon 18-Mar-19 18:27:05

I wouldn't care at all.

Drum2018 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:27:19

Would have been worse to have the smell for over an hour on the bus, she didn't even take the baby out for all to see, so she should have told the bitch to FO.

SnowyAlpsandPeaks Mon 18-Mar-19 18:28:32

I wouldn't have left my babies in a dirty nappy for over an hour. Ffs the woman should grow up. Would she have preferred smelling it for another hour?!

Bigonesmallone3 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:30:45

I would of changed the baby and I would not of judged the mum who changed the baby!

What was the alternative?
Leave the baby to get sore?
Even if the baby wasn't moaning yet you can guarantee it will be before the journey is over

Lockheart Mon 18-Mar-19 18:30:51

Actually I think she should have got off the bus - I really don't think it's appropriate to change a baby on public transport (unless you're in the toilets on a train, for example). It's pretty anti-social towards all the other passengers on the bus, some of whom may not be able to cope with the smell for whatever reason. It's unfortunate for the lady in question but I would have got off the bus.

That said, there was no need for the other passenger to be aggressive.

Danascully2 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:32:10

I had to change my 1 year old on the floor of a train once I(luckily it was quiet so there was nobody else in our bit of the carriage) because the toilet was out of order so I sympathize!

Georgiemcgeorgeface Mon 18-Mar-19 18:33:04

Of course she wasn't being unreasonable I'd have told the lady where to go! I once changed my baby on my solicitors desk. Needs must!

GuineaPiglet345 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:33:21

People are so judgey! The mum made a perfectly normal decision in awkward circumstances. Sure no one wants to smell poo but it’s not the end of the world.

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