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To ask how you'd HONESTLY react if a waiter spilt beer all over you and your phone

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EnlightenmentwasaPassingPhase Mon 18-Mar-19 14:35:30

Was in a pizza and pasta chain restaurant the other day. The hapless waiter dropped a glass of bear on a table with a family at it. The glass smashed and one of the diners (woman with young kids) got absolutely drenched. Whilst she didn't exactly laugh it off, she calmly wiped herself down with napkins, dried her phone and her kid's tablet, then sat down and waited for her meal without a face on.

Hopefully, the meal was on the house but I was impressed with the way she handled it. I was with my SiL who said "by God I would've kicked off BIG time"

And she would indeed. Once she'd finished creating a scene in the restaurant, she would have been on Twitter, FB and TripAdvisor.

EnlightenmentwasaPassingPhase Mon 18-Mar-19 14:36:16

Glass of beer not bear blush

Orangedaisy Mon 18-Mar-19 14:37:38

It would entirely depend on the reaction of the waiter who’d done it. If hugely apologetic, and my meal offered free straight away then I’d probably do what the woman did. If they didn’t apologise etc I’d be livid.

SD1978 Mon 18-Mar-19 14:38:42

Post my initial FFS! And as long as all electronic devices were working ( and confirmation from waiter in writing he dropped liquid on them in case they crapped themselves later) and no one was hurt, would probably do the British thing, apologise for the sweary and tell him it was ok.

Windyone Mon 18-Mar-19 14:39:05

Surely it was an accident? They happen. I would have reacted as the woman did.

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Mon 18-Mar-19 14:40:03

Why would anyone 'kick off' about an accident?

RandomUsernameHere Mon 18-Mar-19 14:40:34

I would have said something along the lines of "don't worry accidents happen".
If the phone was damaged I would expect the restaurant to pay for it though.

implantsandaDyson Mon 18-Mar-19 14:40:50

Meh, tbh I'd probably just shrug and get on with it. It's hardly like the waiter lobbed the glass at her calling her all the names of the day. He made a mistake, it's happened to us all. All the shouting and kicking off won't turn back time.

Floofboopsnootandbork Mon 18-Mar-19 14:41:04

Honestly I’d be pretty angry inside but I’d probably react the same way as this women as long as no one was hurt if the glass has smashed and my phone wasn’t broken haha

No point getting worked up over an accident and making the waiter feel shit, I can just wash my clothes at home.

Bugsymalonemumof2 Mon 18-Mar-19 14:41:12

If it was clearly an accident and an appropriately mortified/apologetic server i would have brushed it off too. What good is getting shitty over it going to do and accidents happen.

WhatToDoAboutWailmerGoneRogue Mon 18-Mar-19 14:41:49

In my opinion that’s the only way anyone should react. Getting angry and acting like a cunt doesn’t help the situation at all.

Accidents happen, then you move on with your life.

I’ve not had it that badly, but I’ve had a sticky soft drink spilt on my lap before. The waiter was very apologetic and gave me some napkins to help dry it off a bit. He appeared worried about how I would react but I told him not to worry, these things happen. It’s not like it was done deliberately.

Drogosnextwife Mon 18-Mar-19 14:42:25

Well your SIL sounds like a right treat!

gamerwidow Mon 18-Mar-19 14:42:27

I would have probably ended up apologising to the waiter for allowing myself to get beer spilt on me grin

Crunchycrunchycrunchy Mon 18-Mar-19 14:42:36

As long as it hadn't broken the phone and tablet, I would have reacted in the same way. Accidents happen and people are too keen to shout at wait staff IMO.

itswinetime Mon 18-Mar-19 14:44:26

Would the restaurant be liable for any phone damage? I wouldn't have thought they would be?

FurryTurnipHead Mon 18-Mar-19 14:44:28

I would have reacted exactly like the woman did. It was an accident, so what benefit is there in making a scene? All it would do is cause massive embarrassment, for both the waiter and yourself. Clothes will wash, phones can be wiped down, not really a big deal.

Skittlesss Mon 18-Mar-19 14:44:45

I’d hope for a good discount grin

doIreallyneedto Mon 18-Mar-19 14:44:51

I had something similar happen to me. Waitress was very apologetic. I was offered a free drink and they said they would have my top cleaned. I passed on the cleaning and accepted the drink, although I thought they should have comped the full meal. We had to ask to be moved to a different table and for some of the food to be replaced as it was ruined.

No point in kicking off. It was an accident. Me kicking off would only have made me look ignorant.

BlueMerchant Mon 18-Mar-19 14:45:15

I'd have reacted as the woman did.
I'VE been THAT waiter. I was sobbing out back!

Tinkerbellisnotafairy Mon 18-Mar-19 14:45:34

Why would anyone kick off BIG time? confused

It was obviously a mistake, not like he did it on purpose, and he probably felt awful about it. If he'd stood and poured it deliberately all over her and her devices, laughing maniacally, then yes maybe that would be justification for an uproar, but why get angry? Kudos to the woman for keeping her calm, and also for setting a good example for her kids.

ShowOfHands Mon 18-Mar-19 14:45:55

I would have laughed/shrugged/helped clear up. Accidents happen and I would hope to make the waiter feel comfortable too.

MeAgainAgain Mon 18-Mar-19 14:46:39

Beer all over you is v unpleasant and stinks.

It also gets sticky when it starts to dry.

I wouldn't have gone mad at him as it was an accident but I don't think I would have wanted to sit there drenched in beer it would be cold wet smelly I think I'd call it a day tbh. Unpleasant for other diners as well once it started drying.

I've had a pint tipped over me before it really does pong.

I would have been most concerned about glass I think if it smashed on the table with kids etc sitting at it. Didn't they all hand to stand up and get away /another table while the glass was cleared?

I think it's an odd reaction for that reason.

HumansCannotEverChangeSex Mon 18-Mar-19 14:46:44

If be annoyed but if it’s an accident I wouldn’t direct any anger at the waitor or waitress.

bumblingbovine49 Mon 18-Mar-19 14:47:16

I would genuinely behave pretty much as the woman did.

itswinetime Mon 18-Mar-19 14:47:26

Posted to soon I wouldn't have shouted at someone who made an honest mistake! I might have gone home depending on how wet I was vs how much the kids wanted pizza and the screaming fit I'd have to endure for leaving without pizza but no need to be nasty

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