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To want someone else to tell my kids?

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babymidgetgem Mon 18-Mar-19 13:55:27

DCat became very ill yesterday. Took her to the vets today, and after blood tests she is in end stage kidney failure. We are going to pick up the girls after school and take them to say goodbye before we have her pts. But I don't want to tell them sad can't bear the thought of their little faces crippling, please can somebody else do it? Sorry not really an AIBU, just feeling sad and lost.

babymidgetgem Mon 18-Mar-19 17:48:49

Thank you all. She is gone now sad the girls both chose to be with her as she went, it was very peaceful and she had lots of cuddles and kisses first, and then I held her until her heart stopped and the girls kissed her and stroked her after. They are pretty distraught, but both glad they were able to say goodbye.

nauticant Mon 18-Mar-19 18:09:14

Sounds like you handled it well OP.

FurrySlipperBoots Mon 18-Mar-19 18:27:54

I'm so glad we're able to do this for our pets. If only humans were allowed such a peaceful, loving and dignified death.

Do you have a garden? We always plant a tree for our furries when they leave us.

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