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AIBU to ask what “being wendied” means?

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JMBarrieInventedMe Mon 18-Mar-19 10:02:18

NC for this one, as it's a teensy bit outing - you just might guess my real name. Well, my first name, anyway.

I've just come across the expression “to be wendied”. Never heard it before, so I googled it, and came across three different definitions!

1) You introduce a new friend to your friends and she turns them against you.
2) Some-one calms you down when you're angry.
3) You are subjected to a hectoring lecture deluging you with facts.

Which is it?! Will the real meaning please stand up!

Number (3) might be named after Wendy Alexander the Scottish politician. But if it's (1) or (2), then why? How did the name Wendy come to mean that?

Must admit I'd quite like to it to be (2) …...

x2boys Mon 18-Mar-19 10:09:14

In mumsnet terms it means number1 I think the term comes from a children's book?

LooksBetterWithAFilter Mon 18-Mar-19 10:18:53

On mn it’s number 1 and it can ftom a thread where the op described a situation where she had introduced a friend to her group and called her Wendy in the post.

JMBarrieInventedMe Mon 18-Mar-19 13:49:33

Thanks X2 and Looks.

Glad to hear it only has that meaning here on MN, and isn't in more general use. I'm fond of my name! smile

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