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AIBU to give up on all my hopes and dreams

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Iwannabail Mon 18-Mar-19 09:35:53

Slightly to tongue in cheek post.. but also slightly not!

Iwannabail Mon 18-Mar-19 09:34:59

For just one day in bed... weep weep. It was my birthday last week and all I asked for was one day.. one day where he takes the Baby and I could just lie in bed. I have not slept in 3months.. it was I felt not an unreasonable request.. he is the father after all.. he has spent many many hours already with this child and yet it is 9.30am and the baby has not stopped crying for what seems ages!
I am desperately trying to not go downstairs and sort out the baby.. but why oh why after 3 months does he still not get our child!

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