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To Think Paper Like The Daily Express And Mail Are ****ing Hypocrites With Their Fake Sympathy For NZ Victims

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KennDodd Mon 18-Mar-19 08:21:41

They have been stirring racist hatred for years, what did they expect would be the result.

Babycham1979 Mon 18-Mar-19 08:30:54

Agreed. I'm often tempted to report the Mail to IPSO for their inflammatory and inaccurate reporting, except I don't think they'd actually do anything to the scumbags at the paper.

araiwa Mon 18-Mar-19 08:56:23

Both shitrags

axil Mon 18-Mar-19 09:03:31

Totally agree. But it's always the same. The ONLY thing The DM is interested in is money. I started reading it as kind of market research! So it prints stories that will attract attention of the largest readership in the U.K.. The stories have to therefore be attractive to that readership, which means they reflect their interests. Then it seeks to manipulate those interests by pushing boundaries until something like this happens and then it goes for the sob story - reflects readers' interests - enough to let them feel good about themselves in a sort of "I have a black friend so I'm not racist" kind of way. (I felt sorry for those Muslims who were shot in a mosque, so I'm not anti-Muslim) before, sometimes on the same day, publishing something about Muslim men all being paedophiles chasing white girls. Because that's "different".

The fact the DM exists and is going strong reflects a very nasty side to our country.

MissionItsPossible Mon 18-Mar-19 12:34:10

The DM actually gave its readers the link to download the manifesto the terrorist read before he did what he did. If anything like that happens here and it turns out they read it via the DM they will have blood on their hands.

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