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To want to get piercings at my age?

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HelenLaBloodyAnnoyed Sun 17-Mar-19 22:48:18

I have always wanted my nose and navel pierced. Controlling exP didn't approve of piercings, so I didn't get them when I was younger. Now I'm 31, is it tragic if I get them pierced now?

ahtellthee Sun 17-Mar-19 22:50:58

Not at all

HellAndDegenerates Sun 17-Mar-19 22:50:59

Do it
Do it
Do it
Do it
Do it.

NutElla5x Sun 17-Mar-19 23:02:26

Nope getting a few little pricks to replace the big one you've lost seems a reasonable swap to me!

Lovingbenidorm Sun 17-Mar-19 23:03:49

NutElla5x 👍🤣

pickingdaisies Sun 17-Mar-19 23:06:00

If you want it, do it. I'm much older than you, and considering getting a (small) tattoo for the first time. You are still young, not that your age has anything to do with it. Consider it an act of self-determination.

EggbertHeartsTina Sun 17-Mar-19 23:07:17

Got my nose pierced at 31, love it! Do it!

Bambamber Sun 17-Mar-19 23:07:26

Not in the slightest, go for it! Just make sure you go somewhere reputable that doesn't use piercing guns

RedHatsDoNotSuitMe Sun 17-Mar-19 23:08:58

My DH is in his 60s and just about to get his first tattoo

meow1989 Sun 17-Mar-19 23:09:46

Of course not! I had my navel pierced as a teenager and nose at 18. I'm 29 now and still wear both every day, along with multiple ear piercings. They make me feel like me.

Cryalot2 Sun 17-Mar-19 23:11:37

If that's what you want why not.
I had a tattoo at 40 . Age is no barrier.
Go and enjoy.

OpiesOldLady Sun 17-Mar-19 23:16:23

DO IT!!!

As previous posters have said, just make sure that you go somewhere that pierces with needles not guns - Blue Banana are a good reliable place to go.

Age shouldn't be a barrier at all - I'm 41 and have multiple piercings. I love them!

OllyBJolly Sun 17-Mar-19 23:18:11

I got my first piercing at 38 - still looks great at 57!

Go for it!

Ontheboardwalk Sun 17-Mar-19 23:21:55

Do it

One thing to bare in mind though, piercings hurt more the older you are.

I had my ears re pierced couple of weeks ago after last having them done when I was 16. They hurt, I’ll get over it though.

Agree with the needle approach, I went to a local tattoo parlour that also did piercings.

Catsandbootsandbootsandcats Sun 17-Mar-19 23:26:21

I got my eyebrow pierced a couple of weeks ago, I'm 43 on Tuesday! I don't give a fuck. I've wanted it done for years, wish I'd done it years ago!

Go for it!

MumUnderTheMoon Sun 17-Mar-19 23:27:04

Not tragic at all I got my septum done at 30.

OpiesOldLady Sun 17-Mar-19 23:29:16

Oh and make sure you clean them really well. Firstly I use some rocksalt dissolved in water, then some tea tree oil in a little water. I do it a couple of times a day.

HelenLaBloodyAnnoyed Sun 17-Mar-19 23:34:57

Ooh now I'm more tempted!

I'm still breastfeeding DS (14 mos) but the piercing place (it's a reputable beauty place rather than a tattoo parlour) said it's not necessary to wait until I'm finished breastfeeding as their equipment is single use and so no chance of infection. Is this correct, or should I wait until DS is older?

DrPeppersPhD Sun 17-Mar-19 23:44:36

Absolutely not too old, as far as I'm aware single use equipment carries a very low risk of infection (any wound of any kind always has a small risk, but single use is minimal), but you have to make to clean the piercings twice a day, I personally use saline and anti bacterial sprays as that's what I was recommended, and for the naval I think you can also get anti septic shower gel.
One thing I would recommend with the nose, particularly if you're looking at getting your septum done, is to wait until you're no longer picking your son up all the time. Obviously there's always a chance he could catch you in the face even when you're not picking him up, but while my septum was healing even light pressure was incredibly painful.
In short though: do it!

SrSteveOskowski Sun 17-Mar-19 23:51:43

Absolutely go for it, but I'd be wary of a beauty place. I think they're much more likely to use a gun rather than a needle. Go to a tattoo parlour instead.

CaptainCabinets Sun 17-Mar-19 23:52:25

@Helen I’d go to a tattoo/piercing studio over a beautician for a piercing any day! They usually have dedicated body piercers whose sole job is to pierce, meaning they have far greater knowledge and expertise than a beautician with a little piercing sideline alongside waxing and facials to bring in more money.

In response to your actual question, go for it!

Yesicancancan Sun 17-Mar-19 23:54:54

Jeez you are a still a spring chicken ... do it if that’s what you want. Age is no factor in this. Enjoy yourself.

MumUnderTheMoon Sun 17-Mar-19 23:55:38

Go to a specialist tattoo or piercing parlour. I had my ear pierced in a jewellers when I was 11/12 it was the upper cartilage and they used a piercing gun it shattered the cartilage in my ear I looked like I was a boxer for ages my mum thought my ear would never go back to normal. If your going to allow someone to stick a needle in you I would make sure it was someone who was properly trained and ideally that it's the job they do all day not just on the side.

HelenLaBloodyAnnoyed Mon 18-Mar-19 00:00:22

It really is a reputable one; I think piercing has almost overtaken the beauty side. I know lots of people who have been pierced there and thoroughly recommend it.

So I'm decided I definitely want them. Do I do it now or wait until I'm finished breastfeeding?

nbartist Mon 18-Mar-19 00:40:04

I'd say go for it! I'm twenty with two facial piercings- septum and left nostril- and three rings in my right ear. I'm actually going to get my right tragus pierced next weekend! I absolutely love seeing people of all ages with piercings, tattoos or other body mods, it always makes me smile to see people rocking some metal grin

Also, it sounds like you've found a good place to go, single-use needles are always the best option and it means that you can see them open the packets they come in to prove that they're new and completely sterile. Some of the nicest people I've ever met have been professional piercers, I'm sure it'll be a memorable experience- in a good way, of course!)

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