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AIBU to cut DD’s Instagram?

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hoggywarty Sun 17-Mar-19 20:26:57

My DD is 14 and I just took a quick peek at her Instagram. It used to be fairly harmless except now there are a lot, and I mean a lot of pouty selfies. Her in tight, revealing clothes and tiny bikinis. All her photos are in our house, she never takes any when she’s with friends. They consist of her pouting in front of a mirror, biting her nails in an intended “sexy” way, using the angel filter on snapchat. All her photos are posed and she does not look genuinely happy in them.

She has around 600 followers and I’ve noticed some older boys have been following her. The comments consist of her friends going like “you’re so hottttt” and some sexualised comments as they use the eggplant and peach emojis :/

Don’t know what I feel about that. A few boys comment on her photos as well. She spends a lot of time on Instagram and it has been affecting her work as she doesn’t do homework sometimes because she’s busy taking pictures for Instagram. I saw a chat with one of her best friends and her best friend was calling some of her photos “gross” and at points she was like “this is not Instagram worthy.” I think she’s trying to impress her friends.

I think she should take a break from Instagram but most likely she won’t listen and will just do it in secret. AIBU here?

ShawshanksRedemption Sun 17-Mar-19 20:40:13

I think you need to talk about her need to do this. Also about privacy on her account - anyone can steal photos and they could be being passed around to people she'd rather didn't see them.


And we watched a video in school recently warning about what you post online and grooming - it's from CEOP but the site is currently down so I can't post it.

I wouldn't just stop her Instagram, you need to talk to her.

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