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Paedophile (glory) hunters FB group/sting

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MyNewtMyFrogMyLittleRedDog Sun 17-Mar-19 19:25:45

I am likely outing myself here to anybody that knows me but will try to be as clear as I can while being vague enough to protect my identity.

I had heard of the paedo hunters that pose as children, trap and ID the person that behaves inappropriately and then shares it on social media but thankfully never had anything to do with them. Then a few days ago I walked out of my house to get into the car with my kids and a group of people were circled around my next door neighbour n the front. I was not concerned, until I saw (my other side) the neighbours waving frantically at me. A woman then breaks away from the circle around my neighbour, approaches me and insists very loudly that I had to move the children as a paedophile was being confronted and they did not want them to hear. Needless to say I bundled the kids in the car and called my sister in a panic. She replied " Oh shit, I was watching that live on FB and knew I recognised him".

Now this is massively worrying me. It is bad enough that my neighbour has been arrested for this but these "hunters" have been live screening footage of my house and the next door neighbours, insulting the local police and stirring up shit. The police have been all over the estate due to local vigilantes marching around. The houses are not clearly numbered, the estates overlap so the address they gave out could actually be confused for a whole other road, and I am petrified that somebody is going to try and get into my house or accost my children , my adult sons or my husband. Every time somebody walks past my heart is racing and I could honestly throttle the fucking group that think its ok to do this.

If they were responsible and wanted justice they would have just handed the information to the police and not live streamed THREE videos showing two houses (one is mine, along with both our cars parked outside) . They even had the audacity to complain that the police had told them to stop live streaming as they could compromise any further investigations. Surely this is almost as bad as the shit head vigilantes that are patrolling the streets looking for somebody to beat up?

Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:49:27

I applaud these people’s motives, but they’re going about in a very dodgy way that is putting others at risk. If they have information about paedophiles they should give it to the police to be dealt with by the law. Vigilante justice never works out well.

AlmostAJillSandwich Sun 17-Mar-19 19:57:37

Someone i know was wrongly accused and had videos of them live streamed all over facebook, they nearly attempted suicide over it because of all the threats being made, and he was terrified for his disabled daughter who lived with him incase someone tried arson etc.
Vigilantes can and sometimes are wrong, it should be left for the police to deal with not mobs and people who want to be a have-a-go hero.

SocksInPeril Sun 17-Mar-19 20:03:06

There is a vigilante group doing the same thing near me and it makes me feel a bit off. I think there’s something very grim about posting it all on social media instead of handing it over to the authorities to deal with - kind of like playing the hero is actually more important than catching criminals.

I’ve also seen the way their actions stir up the masses and I can’t help but wonder what would happen if they were actually wrong about someone. I’ve noted the way that other posters end up calling out other family and friends and it’s really disturbing.

ColeHawlins Sun 17-Mar-19 20:08:34

The CPS need to stop progressing criminal cases that originate in vigilante action. It's encouraged this madness.

BumbleBee27 Sun 17-Mar-19 20:25:39

I can't stand it. They are all about the likes and the adoration of the public who think they're doing a great job when in reality they could be jeopardising genuine police cases. Not to mention the cases of mistaken identify and the families of these people who have been 'stung' having to find out in such an awful way.

It's a very dangerous way to operate but because it's such a sensitive subject people think they are god like figures.

BoneyBackJefferson Sun 17-Mar-19 20:32:35

I applaud these people’s motives

I doubt there motives completely, they strike me as the groups of bullies that never got taken down at school.

chocolatebuttonsandcheese Sun 17-Mar-19 20:36:59

It's awful and I hate it. I've read about cases where they've actively encouraged vulnerable men to engage in conversation with supposed 'teenage girls' to then 'sting' them.

The police need to end these hunters. Surely the evidence couldn't stand up in court

MissClareRemembers Sun 17-Mar-19 20:55:38

Wasn’t there a case some time ago where a paediatrician was attacked by vigilantes??

I agree with the PP that the ‘glory’ seems to matter more to them.

Figgygal Sun 17-Mar-19 21:00:38

Do you live in the Bristol area? Someone got nabbed close to me last week and it was all over Facebook. I don't object to their principles but their methodology is sensationalist.
This particular guy has a partner and a child in school how is that fair On them to plaster it all over the Internet - the police should be the first port of call not Facebook

NoooorthonerMum Sun 17-Mar-19 21:04:05

I applaud these people’s motives, but they’re going about in a very dodgy way that is putting others at risk.

I don't actually think their motives are good. there is no benefit to live streaming it or posting it on Facebook which might compromise the police investigation or conviction. If they genuinely wanted to protect kids they'd hand the info. to police without creating a spectacle.

Katinkka Sun 17-Mar-19 21:04:32

I watched a documentary on iPlayer about them not long since. They all came across as a bit thick. They should be prosecuted imo. It’s not for them to do police work.

ThePlaceToVent Sun 17-Mar-19 21:06:48

I always think these things are best left to the trained professionals, the Police.

YogaWannabe Sun 17-Mar-19 21:09:26

I, very naively, used to really respect the people who did this!
Until it came out that while “under cover” one of the mob had struck up an online relationship with a 13 year old.

At best they’re dim people with little else to do and at worst they’re people who get kicks out of stalking chat rooms, talking to pedos etc.

Passmethecrisps Sun 17-Mar-19 21:12:34

It sounds absolutely awful OP. I suggest you contact the police and ask for some advice on the matter.

We had a situation near us where someone was arrested for offences - so he wasn’t there. It didn’t stop a crowd of glory hunters circling the house and throwing bricks in the window. He had two children and a wife who were all innocent. As were the downstairs neighbours who had to be emergency accommodated while it all calmed down.

These people are less concerned about the victims of the actual crime and more concerned about their own apparent heroism

FunkyKingston Sun 17-Mar-19 21:13:47

I doubt there motives completely, they strike me as the groups of bullies that never got taken down at school.

No they're more like the snakey little fucks who'd wind someone, fan the flames of an existing falling out and up or and sit back and watch the drama unfold. Then shrug their shoulders and weasel their way out of any responsibilities.

They've not even got the nerve to be proper vigilantes, they act as judge and jury, plaster it all over the internet and hope some meatheat pours petrol through their letterbox or whatever. All for a vicarious thrill.

Oysterbabe Sun 17-Mar-19 21:28:04

These groups are generally knuckle dragging thugs who get off on the drama.
The police should definitely not prosecute when it's been plastered all over social media, it just encourages them.

Mammiemaw Sun 17-Mar-19 21:29:28

I hate these self-proclaimed "hunters" facebook pages/live streams. I saw one and they read out the transcript of the online chats between the accused and the decoy. It was obscene vile overly sleazy sexual language that I would hate to be directed at me, never mind a child. The hunter really seemed to be enjoying it and getting off on it. His voice was so animated. I have to say I had NO sympathy for the man they accused, but local favebook pages were plastered with links to his wife and daughters and brother pages and their pictures within minutes of the stream! I think at best these people are bullies with a desperate need for attention and adulation at worse predators themselves who do this to put off the scent so to speak.

Noeuf Sun 17-Mar-19 21:38:47

I suspect they have dodgy motives. Like maybe they get off on pretending to be kids on the internet. Bit 'protesting too much'.

StarbucksSmarterSister Sun 17-Mar-19 21:41:11

I applaud these people’s motives

I don't and I speak not only as someone who was sexually abused as a child but who has other relatives who were too.

These people are vigilantes. I suspect some of them gey off on what they do and it is certain that they don't always get the right people anyway.

StarbucksSmarterSister Sun 17-Mar-19 21:41:49

"Get off"

x2boys Sun 17-Mar-19 21:42:38

I don't think.any of them really give a shit about the kids they are supposed time protecting its all about them and how "good" they look.

MyNewtMyFrogMyLittleRedDog Mon 18-Mar-19 08:59:38

I am not in Bristol, no.

So things have calmed down, but this morning I waved my youngest off to school while I was on the driveway checking my slow puncture - and a woman with a little kid shouted "Nonce" at me. I am hoping that now it's back to the weekly routine it will all be forgotten about. I am going to buy house numbers today so nobody makes the mistake of getting my house confused with the neighbours.

sparkli Mon 18-Mar-19 09:04:17

Op it happened to one of my neighbours recently. He's an unpleasant man, but his family didn't deserve to go through all that. The police released him without charge and, as far as I can tell, he was actually set up.

These vigilantes were whooping and crying in our street. I was also concerned about the possibilities of arson attacks, etc, as were the police. They actually stationed a police officer outside the house for several days afterwards. The whole thing has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Jamiefraserskilt Mon 18-Mar-19 09:13:14

When they make the decision to out someone, they are not thinking of anyone else who may get caught up in their game. Not neighbours, not partners, no one. The pitchfork mentality overrides the possibility they may walk free as a direct result of their actions.
Get those numbers displayed and contact facebook as your privacy has been invaded and in addition, your safety and wellbeing. If anyone name calls again, do call them on it. Even if it is just "wrong house, lady".

x2boys Mon 18-Mar-19 09:22:11

Tis is the problem with social media, the nephew of my d h,work colleague was charged with grooming his step daughter ,apparently it was all malicious, now I don't know the man and have no ideaif there was any truth in it ,but his picture was shared all over facebook,and his work van was burnt out and his home was vandalised because some idiots decided to take matters into their own hands .

recrudescence Mon 18-Mar-19 09:28:43

I agree strongly with pps who have expressed serious doubts about the motives and methods of these people. However, the situation would be greatly helped if the police had sufficient resources to conduct these investigations themselves.

EntirelyAnonymised Mon 18-Mar-19 09:35:58

I hate this sort of vigilantism. It isn’t about ‘protecting the vulnerable’, it’s about power, being a hero and the adrenaline rush. I agree with those who say it poses more risks and creates more problems than it ever solves.

SuchAToDo Mon 18-Mar-19 10:16:57

Op if I was you I'd talk to police about your concerns about safety of you, your husband, kids, vehicles and home...this group has put you all in danger if some idiot decides to do something and through mistaken identity targets you/your family/your home/your vehicle's...

I agree with other posters about the groups being all for the likes and glory...

They don't care about people like you who could get caught up in their vigilante hunts..and also they don't seem to give a damn about the poor victims...if they did they wouldn't out it all online, they would do what other posters have said and give it to police...

Op speak to police about your safety concerns, and keep posting here so others more knowledgeable may be able to help you...

Gilead Mon 18-Mar-19 10:50:23

Where I used to live a man with learning difficulties committed suicide thanks to these idiots. He was perfectly innocent and had just thought he'd made a friend. He was in his forties but had a functioning age of ten. They should leave things to the police.

GruciusMalfoy Mon 18-Mar-19 11:03:19

These people are the type you'd cross the street to avoid, and they're putting innocent people in danger. If they were really doing what they did for anything other than internet glory, they would give all info to the police, rather than sensationalising it by live streaming videos. Their "fans" seen to be people with even less sense than them.

MyNewtMyFrogMyLittleRedDog Mon 18-Mar-19 12:33:59

I have spoken to the police, popped into the local station and they have just said to call the non emergency number if anything happens. So I came home and my car has been keyed, a thick scratch down one side across the wing, both doors and back bit . The neighbours cars are older than mine, mine is only 2 years and now my insurance is going to be screwed. It has not gone all the way down to the metal and is white underneath so I have just bought some Tcut to try and cover it and parked it 6 doors down on a friends empty driveway. My son is parking his car on the next close until all this blows over.

AhhhHereItGoes Mon 18-Mar-19 13:13:01

I think these people are deliberately goody and in wanting to make the streets safe they make them less safe.

There is a type who is in these groups and they often have no filter, no social boundaries and lack basic logic.

By all means report someone who is behaving inappropriately but deliberately goading a paedophile to offend, them dragging their family and neighbours into it, not to mention any employers they have?

Should be a law against it. Leave it to those who know what they are doing.

AhhhHereItGoes Mon 18-Mar-19 13:20:28

Sorry just seen update.

I'd tell whoever live streamed it to pay for repairs as it's their fault it happened.

UK version of red knocks.

AuntieCJ Mon 18-Mar-19 13:24:09

These awful people are every bit as disturbed as the people they say they are hunting.

Something really weird about adults pretending to be kids on line whatever the reason.

VampirateQueen Mon 18-Mar-19 13:26:16

Hopefully it will all die down soon, but in the meantime can you afford to get a CCTV camera to put outside your house?

SuziQ10 Mon 18-Mar-19 13:46:11

Wouldn't you rather be aware that there's a pedophile living close by?
They might not act completely appropriately when they snare someone, but chances are this man WAS trying to engage in messaging and meeting up with someone they believed to be a child.
How else would the hunters get the address?
I don't agree with vigilantes but I also recognise that it's frustrating the there are pedophiles going unvetted, ready to meet with kids. Often even when caught by the police they don't get a proper sentence / their identities are not put forward to the public. I would prefer to know if I'm living in close proximity to someone dangerous.

AhhhHereItGoes Mon 18-Mar-19 13:46:25

Exactly @AuntieCJ it's almost like it excites them?


Damntheman Mon 18-Mar-19 13:51:21

I'm pretty sure vigilante mob-mentality is not going to accurately tell you if there's a pedophile living nearby anyway. Who knows what they'll jump at to make some kind of leap of conclusion to support a suspicion?

Vigilantes are absolute dickwads, OP I'm so sorry you're going through this!

thecatsarecrazy Mon 18-Mar-19 14:01:39

This is why i hate these. If they have information fine take it to the police let them deal with it. Shouting nonce and filming the whole thing and the neighbors houses for likes on f.b is out of order.

WhoWants2Know Mon 18-Mar-19 14:08:45

I agree with a lot of the posters above. When you've seen the way it affects the wives, children and neighbours who are confronted in this way, it's difficult to have respect for the motives and methods of the people who do the confronting and posting on Facebook.

Don't I want to know if there's a paedophile next door? Not if that's how it's done. I'd rather practice due caution towards everyone and let trained police do their job.

M3lon Mon 18-Mar-19 14:20:42

wtaf. How is this even a thing? Idiots.

Littlecaf Mon 18-Mar-19 14:30:58

I would be seeking legal advice about the vigilantes who have caused upset and harm to you. And keep reporting to the police non emergency number.

These type of people are batshit.

TheQueef Mon 18-Mar-19 14:43:06

I was convinced for all the reasons above that these groups were a terrible idea.

Then I found out that half the cases of this abuse used paedo hunter evidence.

If half the prosecuted cases rely on hunter evidence then they are obviously serving a purpose.
Some hunter groups are better than others.

FunkyKingston Mon 18-Mar-19 16:29:48

Then I found out that half the cases of this abuse used paedo hunter evidence.

According to whom, the so called paedo hunters themselves, it is a bit like psychics claiming to have solved cases and helped the police but the evidence is never there to back it up.

Given the tactics they use it is hard to see how their actions don't constitute entrapment or hoe it can meet the standards to be used in court. Therefore they may jeopardise the work of professionals.

Gilead Mon 18-Mar-19 16:50:18

Then I found out that half the cases of this abuse used paedo hunter evidence.
Asked barrister brother about this. He called bullshit. Non admissible evidence if it's a set up.

TheQueef Mon 18-Mar-19 17:27:16

It's in the BBC documentary mentioned upthread.

TheQueef Mon 18-Mar-19 17:32:44

Nicknacky Mon 18-Mar-19 17:35:15

I’m a detective and deal a lot with sexual offences. Vigilante cases are a very small part of our workload and certainly don’t make up the majority of our convictions.

BoneyBackJefferson Mon 18-Mar-19 18:09:31

No they're more like the snakey little fucks who'd wind someone, fan the flames of an existing falling out and up or and sit back and watch the drama unfold. Then shrug their shoulders and weasel their way out of any responsibilities.

They've not even got the nerve to be proper vigilantes, they act as judge and jury, plaster it all over the internet and hope some meatheat pours petrol through their letterbox or whatever. All for a vicarious thrill.

I agree but what you have described is bullying, underhand, sneaky, subversive bullying, the type that doesn't leave physical bruises but leaves the mental ones that causes people to take their own lives.

And as pp have said I think that they get off on it.

elasticfantastic Mon 18-Mar-19 18:12:58

These groups are awful. If they actually gave a shit about justice rather than their egos, they wouldn't confront the people , they would just hand the evidence over to police. They certainly wouldn't film the confrontation and put it on social media before there has been a court trial.

They have no consideration for consequences, as OP has unfortunately discovered. If I was OP I'd be putting the fuck up and the consequences OP has had all over social media.. local spotted groups etc, to let people know that they are getting misplaced abuse and let people know how the hunter group don't give a shit about the effect on OP now they had their glory moment.

MamaBear8686 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:21:54

So pleased to see that the overwhelming opinion here is that the so called 'pedo hunters' are complete dickheads. I have always always hated them and what they stand for which is essentially begging for likes and lapping up praise from idiots online who think they are heroes. I even saw a documentary where one group was setting up some sort of fan club where you could buy memorabilia. How is that about catching criminals? It's about ego and glory hunting.

Yet whenever I've expressed this opinion in real life I get shot down. People genuinely do seem to think they are heroes despite the fact that they probably hinder more cases than they help.

Recent example was when some idiot on my fb posted photos of a man 'acting oddly' around a school. Cue lots of horrible comments. A few days later the mans brother came on fb and explained he had brain damage and walks that route every morning, totally harmless. He'd been extremely upset after that post, there have also been cases of suicide from similar. It really really boils my blood.

tinytemper66 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:40:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JaneEyre07 Mon 18-Mar-19 18:48:49

Having watched a few documentaries on these self-proclaimed "hunters", they've not exactly struck me as the brightest bulbs in the box.....

Just doing something to make their lives exciting.

I hope things settle down quickly OP.

mushlett Mon 18-Mar-19 18:58:55

When I was a teenager my friends Dad got arrested for being a paedophile, a few days after his arrest whilst he was still in custody a brick was thrown through her living room window. It was terrifying for her as she was left with the consequences whilst trying to come to terms with the fact that the man she’d loved her whole life wasn’t who she thought. I really wish these people would consider the implications for innocent family and neighbours.

Gilead Mon 18-Mar-19 22:28:28

TheQueef, re: the documents; haven’t seen it but it would appear someone’s made a mistake. Both with the numbers and the evidence.

TheQueef Tue 19-Mar-19 11:02:42

Gilead I think it was CPS figures they used.
If the figures are correct then without the vigilante groups half of the men convicted would still be free to engage and groom children.

There is a gap that needs filling fast.

WhoWants2Know Tue 19-Mar-19 12:19:07

I can find plenty of stories online about how they jeapordise police work, but none on how they help, oddly.

AuntieCJ Tue 19-Mar-19 12:20:52

Strange that. Not.

NannyRed Tue 19-Mar-19 12:40:06

I’ve heard of several cases being thrown out of court because the glory hunters live streamed it on Facebook.

It’s not about justice, it’s about vengeance, pass details to the police if they want justice.

You have my sympathy, and I agree you’re correct, it’s not right at all that these idiots show your Home, your car and claim to be on the side of righteousness ‘

Kolo Tue 19-Mar-19 12:53:00

When I was a student we got a brick thrown through our front window, apparently (according to the police, who in those days would come out to a call about a brick out through a window) because our neighbour was on the sex offenders register.

It’s such arrogance and idiocy to think vigilante actions can lead to justice. They’re more often than not completely wrong, target the wrong person.

IC4nSeeYourPixels Tue 19-Mar-19 14:45:44

Sole of these groups are doing it for themselves and for their own image and fame and there's bickering and point scoring between different groups in what often appears to be a popularity contest.

Some groups do things properly and don't show footage, name people, etc etc until after a conviction is secured. A brother of Sil's best friend was caught by one of these groups, local community knew who had been caught but no footage or shaming etc was uploaded until he'd been convicted.

There's an increasing number of groups live streaming these confrontations and doing more harm than good because their own actions are jeopardising cases. They give addresses and house numbers and then locals turn up giving the rest of the family abuse. That's not ok.

I've seen some where the vigilante group are very aggressive and intimidating towards family to let them in the house and then they wonder why "they" get I trouble with police themselves.

And worryingly some people seem to be "hunters" in it as a cover for themselves. Two "hunters" from various groups near me have been caught themselves sending their dick pics to children in stings by other groups.

The ones who are legit and follow rules etc get shit from frenzied locals calling them "nonce defenders" when they won't give names and addresses so they can go kick shit out of them.

One a few months ago was confronting a "female" viewers were getting very very riled up and angry when they kept being asked to stop calling the trans woman "Male" and that repeatedly misgendering the perp will end up with them not being convicted. They shouldn't have live streamed the fucking thing, if their evidence wasn't rock solid and calling a male a male would result in case collapsing. Or maybe they should have ended the live stream when it became clear viewers were not going to pretend he was female.

It terrifies me the amount of men (and women) out there who approach children online and that our own police can't keep on top of it all and that there's a need for these groups in the first place.

I remember watching a police documentary about this stuff a few years ago and being horrified when it was said out of 3,000 men who'd approached a fake child profile, only something like 10 stopped the sexual discussions when she said she was 13. That's terrifying.

IC4nSeeYourPixels Tue 19-Mar-19 14:54:36

When Sil's best friend brother was caught the family had threats and were accused of knowing what he was like and protecting him.

There been a 19 year old from the little village Im from convicted by one of these groups but he wasn't named and he wasn't recorded. The group hand the evidence over to the police and then give details after conviction. That's the right way to do it in my opinion and because they aren't uploading footage of themselves confronting and just given details of sex, age, location and crime after conviction is secured.

Jayne35 Tue 19-Mar-19 15:27:11

Totally agree with most previous PPs they are just awful bullies and I wish they could be arrested for what they do. Not a thought for the wives and children of those they have accused whose lives are made miserable and very public.

I have started to remove friends from my facebook for sharing this shit and encouraging it.

Op, awful about your car. I hope you have complained to fb about your house being in the videos and reported the car damage to the police, those hunters should pay for the damage imo!

Loopylou6 Tue 19-Mar-19 15:53:12

1 group have been arrested and awaiting trial at a crown court

Drogosnextwife Tue 19-Mar-19 16:00:46

They are fucking idiots. It's happened a few times near us. People recognised the area but we're trashing neighbours house's, probably not even by accident. Another one was a man who had additional needs and had the mental age of around 6 years old, he had carers fgs, in those type of situations things need to be handled by trained police officers not idiots on a man hunt.

Itscontroversial Tue 19-Mar-19 18:24:01

These people are disgusting. I'm a regular on here but NC to post about this subject as it's so important to retain anonymity. I'm the (soon to be ex) wife of someone who was stung by one of these groups. Anyone who supports them doesn't know the horror of having your family at the centre of one of these streams. When you're getting vile trolls hurling abuse at you online even though they've never met you. Friends who've seen it messaging you to see what on earth is going on. The police raiding your home in front of your young children and social services becoming involved. Having to explain to schools and hobbies why your kids' father has to be kept away and having to explain to children who are too young to understand. The subsequent investigations take years, it's not all done and dusted in a few days or even weeks. I don't support paedophiles at all and I'm divorcing my "D"H as his behaviour has been beyond reprehensible. Even if he doesn't end up with a conviction he's a dirty and sordid creep. But the families deserve protection, they are victims too. Leave playing cops and robbers to the actual police.

WellThisIsShit Tue 19-Mar-19 22:17:05

God how awful. Did you phone the police and report the car keying etc? They need to be doing more to calm this situation down... you poor thing.

Vigilante ‘justice’ isn’t an actual thing as vigilante action doesn’t tend to result in true justice, as it’s not motivated by people wanting to do good or bring people to justice. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt and the puffed up self importance the gang can give each other.

Tempnamech4nge Tue 19-Mar-19 22:32:03

I see alot of this on social media.

Two different groups have exposed members of their own 'teams' for finding out that they were convicted sex offenders.

IMO that speaks volumes about the type of character that these groups attract.

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