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How does this birthday card make you feel?

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Fretful Sun 17-Mar-19 17:46:55

Without giving any background as I would like some unbiased opinions, please

dementedpixie Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:02

I thought it was funny tbh (I've seen it before)

Babysharkdododont Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:05

I don't feel anything particularly. It's just a card from one of the cheapie card shops, a bit of a crap joke, but not offensive

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:19

Makes me feel confused

I don't get the joke

Sparklesocks Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:21

It doesn’t make me feel anything really, but i don’t think it’s particularly funny.

QOD Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:22

Mildly amusing. Took
Me a moment to ‘get’ it

cardibach Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:33

I’d feel slightly underwhelmed as it isn’t that funny. Other than that, I’m not sure what you are looking for. It’s stereotypical and that’s why it make so it unfunny, but that’s all.

MirandaWest Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:33

I wouldn’t like it. I can see it’s meant to be funny but I’d hope no one would give it to me as they’d not know me well enough to realise I wouldn’t find it funny.

EEELA Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:37

It's the kind of card my dad would think is hilarious, and then my step mum wouldn't speak to him for a week.

I think it's awful and reminds me of the worst parts of my childhood.

Lovelylugs Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:47

If it was given to you by your OH I'd say very annoyed.

MoeAnna Sun 17-Mar-19 17:48:53

I guess I'm 'supposed' to laugh but I would call the card giver a cunt. Then again people who know me wouldn't send me such a shitty card.

Stormyday Sun 17-Mar-19 17:49:26

Not funny and sexist.

GeorgeTheBleeder Sun 17-Mar-19 17:49:55

Well, I'd hope it was sent as a joke and does not in any way mirror the relationship between giver and receiver.

FullOfJellyBeans Sun 17-Mar-19 17:49:59

It reminds me of a Royle family episode and vaguely makes me smile but isn't hilarious. It wouldn't be my first choice of card to receive from DH or anyone else really but wouldn't be that bothered.

Fatasfook Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:02


CrispbuttyNo1 Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:04

Depends on the relationship between the sender and receiver.. If me or DP sent it to each other we would both find it amusing as in our house its a battle with the thermostat and he knows the minute he goes out I turn it up..

ScreamingValenta Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:10

My husband always complains about me turning the heating off the moment the temperature goes above freezing, so if he gave that card to me I'd assume it was an 'in-joke'.

If I got it from anyone else, I'd think it wasn't very funny.

AllStar14 Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:10

I don't like it at all, I wouldn't be happy to receive something like that.

WhatToDoAboutWailmerGoneRogue Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:14

I love this card. Every time I see it it makes me chuckle grin

EEELA Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:14

Should add that I suppose I am a bit sensitive towards these kind of things as that's how my dad used to behave.

avocadochocolate Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:15

Somebody please explain the joke because I don't get it.

fikel Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:24

Don’t like it, it’s like something out of the 70s

Noonooyou Sun 17-Mar-19 17:51:43

It's quite funny in my opinion!

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Sun 17-Mar-19 17:52:56

My grandad would have laughed at that in 1982.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sun 17-Mar-19 17:53:09

He’s going to the pub, she thinks she’s invited, she’s not, in fact he values her so little she’s not allowed the heating on.

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