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To think we've messed up with passport and should forget it?

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WordsAndWorlds Sun 17-Mar-19 15:12:06

Meant to be going away 2nd week of Easter.

Discovered today that just one of the DCs passport runs out in June, so not 6 months on it.

DH still reckons we can get it through on time...I'm thinking with the panic over Brexit, the wait for passports atm is going to be insane?

Do we frantically try or just accept that we've messed this one up and try to book something cheap and cheerful in the UK fast before those are all booked up too and we end up with nothing??? Nightmare.

10000days Sun 17-Mar-19 15:13:01

It's fine, you don't need 6 months on it to travel to the EU.

Foxmuffin Sun 17-Mar-19 15:13:40

I’m not sure if the expiry is fine, but you can get a new kids passport in a week.

AllTheUserNamesAreTaken Sun 17-Mar-19 15:13:47

I think you’ll be fine. We renewed DS’ passport very recently and it was back in no time

NoWordForFluffy Sun 17-Mar-19 15:13:53

Why don't you send it off tomorrow? There's still plenty of time. It's rather defeatist not even trying.

flumpybear Sun 17-Mar-19 15:14:54

Last year I sent one off on the Saturday, it arrived the following Thursday ... just send off for it ASAP

Parker231 Sun 17-Mar-19 15:14:59

Takes three weeks or one by fast track.

havingtochangeusernameagain Sun 17-Mar-19 15:15:02

The advice is that you need 6 months validity on it to travel to the EU. However, that was only in case of a no-deal exit which looks increasingly unlikely so I am sure it is fine.

At the moment passports are coming through in about a week.

StillCoughingandLaughing Sun 17-Mar-19 15:17:13

It's fine, you don't need 6 months on it to travel to the EU.

Actually the current government advice is to have at least six months in case of a no-deal Brexit.

DeadBod Sun 17-Mar-19 15:18:54

I wouldn't worry but try looking on the foreign office website for guidance.
We made the same mistake with dd and went to the US with only 3 weeks left on her passport after ringing the foreign office for advice. No one batted an eyelid at the airport.

WordsAndWorlds Sun 17-Mar-19 15:22:52

@StillCoughing yes that's what I'm going was the official Gov website that told me we didn't have long enough left on it, they have a passport checker tool now.

Yes you're all right that we might as well try, I'm just concerned we will end up with nothing if we pin our hopes on this and it's unlikely to get it on time. Such a stupid oversight sad

ChicCroissant Sun 17-Mar-19 15:23:08

Why would you not apply now? So instead of getting the renewal sorted today (you can probably do it online with a digital photo) you have decided to change the holiday instead? That is catastrophic thinking!

UndercoverAthiest Sun 17-Mar-19 15:27:10

I just did an online application on 8 May, got a text on Friday to say passport will be delivered this Monday 18 - so it’s been 10 days for mine...

MRex Sun 17-Mar-19 15:28:46

Renewals are quicker than new ones, I expect you'll get it back within a week or two.

Parker231 Sun 17-Mar-19 15:28:57

Don’t be defeatist - apply this afternoon by fast track and you’ll have it by next weekend.

Birdie6 Sun 17-Mar-19 15:29:23

I applied for one for my son and it arrived two days later ! You've got plenty of time.

MullofKintire Sun 17-Mar-19 15:30:35

If there is a no deal Brexit you will need 6 months on the passport. You will know whether this is going to happen by March 29 at the latest.

If there is an extension of the Art 50 notice period to the end of May/June, (most likely scenario) UK will still be an EU member state and you will not need the 6 month validity. This covers your Easter holiday.

If there is agreement on TM’s deal there will be a transition period until (at least) the end of 2020. During that period you will not need to have the 6 months validity for travel to EU.

If you apply for a renewal now, passport will be ready before Easter.

Clarl Sun 17-Mar-19 15:32:37

I would apply for the renewal in case there’s a no deal Brexit. My renewal took about 6 days and that was over New Year as well.

gambaspilpil Sun 17-Mar-19 15:33:06

I renewed my DD passport online. Hers expires in June and I didnt want to take any risk. It was really easy and fast, all i needed to send was her old passport and i have had confirmation to expect it next week. So in total its taken 2 weeks...

mochachocochino Sun 17-Mar-19 15:33:33

We did two last week one for my daughter (new one) and renewed my husbands both were back within a week. Definitely worth a try 👍🏻

Hyacintharehighersincelasttime Sun 17-Mar-19 15:35:22

do you need 6 months on it, because of brexit,
renew it now op.
you could go to london and do it, make an appointment.

WordsAndWorlds Sun 17-Mar-19 15:35:24

Can child's renewals be done online? DH is convinced they can't because they have to be countersigned?

PumpkinPie2016 Sun 17-Mar-19 15:35:40

Where abouts in the UK at you OP? At one stage, you could make an appointment to go to the passport office in Liverpool and do it there and then. Might have changed now but could be worth doing of you are worried?

Otherwise, do it tomorrow through the post office checking service and it should be back within a week or two.

Fifthtimelucky Sun 17-Mar-19 15:38:26

A few days ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had sent off for a new passport, assumed it would take at least 6 weeks, but that it was back within a week!

PumpkinPie2016 Sun 17-Mar-19 15:38:36

Just looked online - for kids passports, you make an appointment at a passport office and then it's delivered within a week.

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