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Climate change protests... and virtue signaling... AIBU

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lucy101101 Sun 17-Mar-19 11:31:54

After receiving an insane amount of texts, messages etc. and more than 30 pictures of schoolchildren from the school my DD goes to at the protests, I am wondering if I AIBU to be so annoyed by the families leading the stream of updates, who without exception, take long international flights ALL THE TIME and in one case even took a child out of school for a term so they could experience some charitable endeavor by the parents (white saviors...) on the other side of the world. What do they really hope to achieve but astounding hypocrisy... am seriously (and honestly) not bitter (about about another UK holiday...!) before anyone suggests this, just irritated!

Whackaguacamole Sun 17-Mar-19 11:42:26

Because flights aren't the only contributor to global warming, and its children who will have to face the consequences. HTH

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