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Lady wearing crop top on a plane

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blubberball Sun 17-Mar-19 11:20:19

Yeah, but maybe, they shouldn't have said anything to her in the first place.

I agree with you though. I would have just covered up personally.

But then, if women all just took it, sat down and shut up, where would we be?

blubberball Sun 17-Mar-19 11:18:33

Awww where's the thread at? Haha They always disable comments on the YouTube videos, and I like to read people's thoughts.

Huskylover1 Sun 17-Mar-19 11:17:59

She was unreasonable to argue with cabin crew, and to cause such a drama, that meant the flight was delayed taking off. 250 people all delayed. Plus another 250 on the next flight. Selfish and Entitled, imo.

viques Sun 17-Mar-19 11:15:00

As you say , you are late to the party. Can you take this bag of empties to the bottle bank on your way out................

Cheers grin

Oops, not this one, there's still a drop left gin

blubberball Sun 17-Mar-19 11:10:53

Sorry, I might be a bit late to the party here, but I just saw that video about the lady being asked to leave the plane because she was wearing a crop top. I mean, who cares? She was on a flight to Tenerefe or something. She looked nice any way. Any way, just saying that I don't think that she was being unreasonable. Not sure why it made the news but there we go.

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