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To not tell him about pregnancy

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ItsAMooPoint Sun 17-Mar-19 11:03:24

Just got a positive pregnancy test this morning and I'm considering not telling DH.

We've had 6 miscarriages so far so this would be pregnancy number 7.

WIBU to keep this one to myself until a bit further down the line? I feel like it's wrong but honestly the hardest part about losing these pregnancies has been having to tell him again when the bleeding starts. He's so supportive and strong but I can tell that he's disappointed and tries to hide it for my sake.

Stawp Sun 17-Mar-19 17:38:22

My husband has balanced chromosomal translocation which can lead to miscarriages with me. I'd never hide a pregnancy (and possible miscarriage) from him just because it might not work out. You're in this together.

Crunchymum Sun 17-Mar-19 17:43:36

I understand completely, we had 7 miscarriages and it got to the point where a positive pregnancy test wasn't actually a happy thing for us.

Give yourself a little time to get your head round it. You can tell him tomorrow or in a few days. Fingers crossed you get your baby.

After many losses (and 'no reason' when we were tested at recurrent miscarriage clinic) we now have 3 wonderful children. Hang in there.

ItsAMooPoint Sun 17-Mar-19 20:52:53

Thanks so much for all your kind words flowers

SD1978 Mon 25-Mar-19 08:56:17

How are you going? xxx

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