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To ask Scots if this would offend them ...

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UsedtobeFeckless Sun 17-Mar-19 10:30:38

Basically DS, who has a Scottish great grandmother but is 7/8ths non-scot, wants to wear a blackwatch tartan kilt to a formal event. He's googled which tartans it's ok to wear if you're not entitled to a clan one but DP is a bit worried it might look like cultural appropriation ... Any thoughts would be welcome!

macaroniandpizza Sun 17-Mar-19 10:31:56

He can wear any tartan he wants tbh theres no set rules on what you can have

macaroniandpizza Sun 17-Mar-19 10:32:27

I say that as a kilt loving scotswoman

SuperLoudPoppingAction Sun 17-Mar-19 10:33:34

I wouldn't be offended at all.
I would personally rather somebody with no clan affiliation wore a universal tartan but I'm weird like that.

My littlest ds loves wearing his kilt and sporran.

GoGoGadgetGin Sun 17-Mar-19 10:33:41

Scottish and wouldnt offend me! The American side of my family ( their grandparents born here) will wear tartan for any formal event!

hilbil21 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:34:14

No Scottish person would care I don't think (I'm Scottish) Scottish people I know who aren't linked to any of the tartans pick Black Watch. It's absolutely fine and nice he wants to wear it!

Spieluhr Sun 17-Mar-19 10:34:17

It's fine, I wouldn't have an issue with it at all.

Chrysanthemum5 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:34:22

Your DS is right black watch is the tartan of the current royal family so anyone can wear it (plus people really don't mind)

Sexnotgender Sun 17-Mar-19 10:34:38

I'm Scottish and wouldn't be offended.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Sun 17-Mar-19 10:34:43

I love the rob roy tartan.
Ds wears the royal Stuart just now.
He's got a 'national tartan of Scotland' to grow into.

EstrellaDamn Sun 17-Mar-19 10:35:11

We don't care. Cultural appropriation is a big pile of horseshit.

TooMinty Sun 17-Mar-19 10:35:19

Not sure it counts as cultural appropriation? Us Scots aren't oppressed by the English any more (not even at rugby) and he wouldn't be making a profit out of it.

Nonibaloni Sun 17-Mar-19 10:35:22

There are no “rules” for tartain, there’s traditions and preference but I can assure most of them fall into the brown and yellow category which is why there are so many modern kilts flapping about.
There’s almost as many choices of shirts and jackets as well so tell Ds to pick what he likes best.

SileneOliveira Sun 17-Mar-19 10:35:40

Wouldn't offend me in the slightest.

Pumperthepumper Sun 17-Mar-19 10:36:02

I wouldn’t be offended but I would think it’s a bit weird to wear traditional dress from a different culture, feels a bit like dressing up - and if it’s a formal event even more so. Why does he want to wear it?

DC3dilemma Sun 17-Mar-19 10:36:19

Not at all. There are lots of beautiful celebration and non-Clan tartans. The millenium tartan is very nice.

TrendyNorthLondonTeen Sun 17-Mar-19 10:37:24

I couldn't care less!

GottenGottenGotten Sun 17-Mar-19 10:38:13

Wouldn't offend me in the slightest.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Sun 17-Mar-19 10:38:29

Dp is English and when small used to wear a kilt after some holidays in Scotland.

Several decades on, she has now moved here, so it could potentially be a slippery slope.

weebarra Sun 17-Mar-19 10:39:05

Wouldn't mind at all!

Sexnotgender Sun 17-Mar-19 10:39:59

We don't care. Cultural appropriation is a big pile of horseshit.

Yup, pretty much this.

GruciusMalfoy Sun 17-Mar-19 10:42:16

Honestly it's not a big deal, certainly not offensive. I've seen people with zero Scottish heritage wearing a kilt, because they live here and feel welcome here. It's nice.

MaintainTheMolehill Sun 17-Mar-19 10:42:36

We don't get offended by someone not Scottish wearing a kilt. I see it as a compliment.
My husband also wore a different tartan than his family name tartan when we got married as he prefers it.

Kb8219 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:44:28

No offence would be taken at all! It is not unusual for someone with Scottish heritage to emerge their families tartan!

APerson Sun 17-Mar-19 10:45:07

It does annoy me TBH

It should be worn by a Scot, or someone with a living Scottish direct relative - parent, grandparent or child born in Scotland.

Not by someone in England with a great grandparent (deceased?), or someone in America who had a Scottish ancestor from the 1700s.

For example, my DD doesn't wear leiderhosen (sp?) because her (deceased) great gran was German, plus she's never been there. Also my gran lived in the UK for nearly 70 years so was more British than German anyway!

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