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To not allow my 6 year old to a sleep over?

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Sherbertfizzer Sun 17-Mar-19 08:44:18

My dd6 has been invited to a sleepover party and I am shocked. I am completely out of my comfort zone on this one. There's no way I will allow dd to go but I don't quite know how to not offend the mum.
My dd has been in same class as her friend for only a year and I have spoken to her mum a handful of times. The girls mum has said it will be in a months time and that I can even stay too!
I find it very weird and uncomfortable. I have met the girls father twice, he seems ok but AIBU to politely decline? I mean am i the only one to find this all a bit odd? Who knows what these people are into and who they might have over or other parents staying the night.

PlasticPatty Sun 17-Mar-19 22:26:46

I was going to say 'Under no circumstances!' but if you can go too, and will go, then why not?
My mother (an abused child) was totally against sleepovers. Too much opportunity to come to harm. I didn't do sleepovers, my dd didn't, and I hope my dgd won't. There are school residentials at seven to eight, which she will probably attend, but I am not comfortable with that.

Applecrumble79 Sun 17-Mar-19 22:58:44

I always felt uncomfortable about sleepovers but didn’t like to let my son be the odd one out. If you’re uncomfortable just politely decline

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