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Odd question re. Oscar Wilde.

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Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 05:42:52

Not sure why I have even thought about this. Was Oscar gay or actually bisexual? He had a wife and two sons and by all accounts was in love with his wife for many years. After they lived apart, they still remained close. He cold not have been exclusively gay surely? Simply a curiosity question.

ushuaiamonamour Sun 17-Mar-19 08:21:05

Someone who's read up on him more recently than I might correct me but his tastes put him near the gay end of hetero/homosexual continuum. One of his friends said that shortly after marriage Wilde spoke to him with (possibly surprised) delight of the joy of intercourse with a woman, but on the other hand he found the male body aesthetically appealing and the female, not at all. No one knows of course the frequency of his visits to his wife's bedroom and no one knows if he was in love with her ever, let alone for many years. But he had a succession of younger male partners & one-night stands and once he met Bosie and fell in love all bets were off: he and Constance led separate lives in almost every sense.

Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 08:23:56

Oscar was a complete aesthete. A lover of beauty in whatever form it came. Thanks for your response🙂.

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