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Let’s have a laugh😀!What would be your ‘spirit animal’?

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Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 02:19:46

We have geese. My husband thinks my spirit animal would be an angry goose. This is because one of our geese became very angry when we chased it around our paddock with scissors to trim its flight feathers. Can’t imagine why it was annoyed really😀?

CountArthursgroupie Sun 17-Mar-19 02:23:23

Mine has to be a sloth. smile

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 02:24:16

I think I'm a dog. Specifically an over friendly labrador.

Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 02:26:01

Being a sloth would be great! In fairness daubergine, I have yet to encounter a standoffish or aloof lab. Cats now....

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 02:26:15

Or a chihuahua online. I have a lot to say for myself. Think I'm a big dawg. Run crying though when the pack of wolves attack (or the sheep start saying Baaaaaaaaaaa in unison, depending on how you look at it).

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 02:27:42

Ye, I'm a labrador that hasn't been trained well lol. I'll lick you and not realise that you secretly wish to stab me.

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 02:30:01

I think introverted people are a bit like cats. Although I suspect a flock of incensed geese is about to descend on me for that statement!
I'd quite like to be a goose. Geese are scary.

Karbones Sun 17-Mar-19 02:31:55

I’m going for meerkat, I observe and seem cute, but run away and hide!

Parly Sun 17-Mar-19 02:32:27

These two are mine smile

Parly Sun 17-Mar-19 02:34:54

Oh didn't upload pics sorry.

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 02:37:53

Karbones, an ex colleague once asked me whether I was doing a meerkat impression when I popped up from behind my desk to announce something to the team (clearly something that couldn't have been emailed........ in my head anyway). I still laugh when I think about it, because I was so engrossed, I must have looked exactly like a meerkat sticking my head above the parapet all of a sudden. grin

Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 02:38:16

Oh yes, a Parlydog! Looks sweet😀!

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 02:41:15

Parly, they're beautiful. I'd love to be a border collie, alas, I'm too dumb.

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 02:44:40

When I was younger, my teenage friends and I had a discussion about what animals we resembled physically. I'm a chipmunk apparently (I have chubby cheeks).

Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 03:02:09

I apparently resemble a Meerkat on occasion😛 Not sure how to feel about this!

VirginiaWolfHall Sun 17-Mar-19 03:02:17

A cat. I can be v lazy but also v active depending on mood and time of day. Curious and highly independent. Stand offish but love being stroked and fussed over (on my terms of course grin). Find patches of sunlight and like to bask in them!

OnlineAlienator Sun 17-Mar-19 03:16:28

A fat riding school mare that bites the children and pins her ears back at every request, but occasionally puts in a brilliant gymkhana performance: just enough to keep everyone onside and avoid the knackerman grin

Tattybear16 Sun 17-Mar-19 03:17:50

A sweary parrot with lots of colourful feathers and a vocabulary to match.

Tinkerbell456 Sun 17-Mar-19 03:18:28


ShannonRockallMalin Sun 17-Mar-19 04:10:57

I’d like to say a cat - independent, intelligent, fond of naps - but I suspect I’m probably more like a bee, endless busying around doing work for the benefit of others grin

SleepingSloth Sun 17-Mar-19 04:17:42

Definitely a sloth. wink

BlackPrism Sun 17-Mar-19 04:18:02

I would like to say wolf as I've been obsessed since childhood but ... more of a seal. Love food, like chilling with friends... shit sense of danger.

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 04:21:21

I’d like to say a cat - independent, intelligent
Well you certainly have the confidence of a cat! grin

steff13 Sun 17-Mar-19 04:26:14

Manatee. We're both calm, quiet, we like lettuce.

Daubergine Sun 17-Mar-19 04:29:24

I'm on a dating website and my introductory line is 'I'm a wolf who wants to be a sheep'.

I unfortunately stand out from the flock, am largely misunderstood, but really just want to be friends with everyone. The sheep are scared of me however! And they are not shy about baaaaing about it either! I try very desperately to fit in, (refer to labrador references above), but nobody appreciates my affection!
So I slink off up the mountain to my cave and feel a little bit sad at night, watching the sheep down in the pastures.

I suppose I'm a mongrel. A cross between wolf/labrador and chihuahua. Who wants to be a simple sheep. sad

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