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To be feeling really sorry for myself.

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BoswellsBollocks Sat 16-Mar-19 18:36:27

I start a new job on Monday and I’m meeting up with some old friends next week too, so having had a tough time with anxiety and depression recently, I thought I’d colour my hair for my fresh new start.

It was dyed a reddish brown before with about an inch of natural roots, I decided a nice rich dark brown like I used to have would be perfect Instead it’s come out pure black.sad

I’m so upset and angry at myself. After feeling so down on myself for so long, I was just starting to feeling positive. Now with one look in the mirror I’m back to square one.

Now not only am I fat and useless, I’ve got stupid, shit hair too.

I can’t stop crying.

Tell me to get a grip please.

BoswellsBollocks Sat 16-Mar-19 18:37:46

And it’s my birthday tomorrow and my parents are both still dead.

ReggieWoo Sat 16-Mar-19 18:39:20

Ahhh that's shit.

It'll fade really quickly. Have you got anything planned for your birthday? I'm sorry about your parents. thanks

formerbabe Sat 16-Mar-19 18:39:56

Was it permanent or semi permanent?

I wonder if you could wash it out to help fade it a bit?

ReggieWoo Sat 16-Mar-19 18:40:19

You could use ColourB4 if your hair is in ok condition and then redo it with a lighter chestnut.

AtrociousCircumstance Sat 16-Mar-19 18:41:21

Home dyes always always come out too dark, give it a week of washes (maybe in one day smile ) and it will calm down.

formerbabe Sat 16-Mar-19 18:42:35

It probably looks's always a shock when you dye your hair. I always need to wear more make up than usual if my hair is very dark. That might help it seem less harsh.

MayFayner Sat 16-Mar-19 18:44:42

Give it loads of shampoos with either a clarifying shampoo or a non-silicone one.

WeirdCatLady Sat 16-Mar-19 18:47:30

Anti dandruff shampoo will strip that right back, or you can buy a colour stripper from the supermarket x Then maybe put a different colour on top?

You are not useless, we have ALL cocked up a hair colour before now x

oneforthepain Sat 16-Mar-19 18:49:12

I think you're allowed to cry about that. I would.

Cry yourself out and then see if one of the suggestions above is possible?

It's hair. It's fixable.

HomeMadeMadness Sat 16-Mar-19 18:50:07

Ahhh OP it'll be OK. I know it's difficult but when you're struggling there's a temptation to think everything needs to be perfect for you to be happy. In reality nothing is ever perfect and happiness comes when you can be happy despite the stuff that's wrong. Easier said than done though.

oneforthepain Sat 16-Mar-19 18:52:26

Oh, yy to anti dandruff shampoo. Head & shoulders will strip colour out pretty effectively. It's harsh stuff.

Todaythiscouldbe Sat 16-Mar-19 18:52:42

Try colourb4 or another dye remover. It will go ginger so you'd probably need to colour again straight away. You'll hear stories of how this will ruin your hair but I've done it many times, I make a lot of hair dye mistakes!

BoswellsBollocks Sat 16-Mar-19 18:54:04

Thanks everyone, you’re helping to calm me down.

I’ve washed it twice with some Vosene which has done nothing except turn it into a huge, knotty bird’s nest. I know it’ll eventually fade. I just wanted to start my job feeling good and wanted to be looking my best when I see my friends. I’ve been neglecting myself a lot so this was one small thing I could do for me and I fuck it up.

AtrociousCircumstance Sat 16-Mar-19 18:58:36

Condition it and try to muck about with make up to see if you can rock this new look? I bet it looks better than you think!

If you can’t come round to it then the ColourB4 suggestion is a good one.

TinselAndKnickers Sat 16-Mar-19 19:01:24

Get yourself some cheapo head and shoulders and rinse and repeat till your hands go sore! Sorry to hear this. I bet you still look fab. I hope you have a lovely birthday and the new job treats you well. thanks

TOADally Sat 16-Mar-19 19:02:12

ColourB4 works well. How do you feel about sharing a face-censored pic so we can make suggestions?

ReggieWoo Sat 16-Mar-19 19:03:52

I think I'd just kill it with a tub of conditioner. Leave on overnight so that even if it's too dark it'll be lovely and shiny.

formerbabe Sat 16-Mar-19 19:04:53

Get yourself a deep conditioning treatment...blow dry it.

Slap on some fake tan...that helps if your hair colour feels too dark...

FauxFox Sat 16-Mar-19 19:21:16

I’m sure it’s fine - it’s just a big change. You might need to adjust your makeup to make it work - darker hair will wash you out more so you might need a bit stronger makeup to balance it out smile

Happy birthday and good luck for your new job flowers

Autumnbloom Sat 16-Mar-19 19:41:31

I feel for you, I once dyed my hair bright orange and I then cried lots, which made my face swolllen and red. There was an audible gasp when I walked into a lecture the next day. I was advised to shampoo with Pantene, but my mum gave the best advice - nice hair accessories. What about putting on a thick hair band in a lighter colour to your hair, so the black is not so drastic?

You are not useless, you've got a new job and friends that care - your hair will fix, in the meantime try to rock the look - I honestly believe with a dash of confidence you can pull any look off.

Elloello Sat 16-Mar-19 19:50:53

Vit c tablet mixed into dandruff shampoo to make a paste. Apply and leave for 20 to 30 mins, will strip away the colour. Then condition. I did it when my hair went too dark and it was fine. Then I colored over in a semi permanent. If you Google it you will bring up videos and recipes. I was in a bit of an emergency state so risked it but please test your hair out first before doing the whole lot! My hair is fairly normal and it survived but I don't know how it would work on other hair types/strengths.

And flowers these are for you. I'm sorry you are feeling down.

GreatDuckCookery6211 Sat 16-Mar-19 19:53:11

Oh OP flowers
Can you get in with a hairdresser to sort it out?

ALannisterInDebt Sat 16-Mar-19 19:59:30

Head and shoulders strips the colour right off your hair. Wash rinse repeat! (This is a mistake I've made too!)

Happy birthday! I have also lost both my parents and it's so shit...remember the love and strength they filled you up with, it will last you a lifetime thanks

ILoveBray Sat 16-Mar-19 20:06:47

I did this! I ended up with jet black hair.

Fear not, it will fade after a few washes, mine ended up a lovely chocolate brown.

Don't go too overboard with the harsh shampooing, give it an intensive condition and leave it be for now. Dry brittle hair will make you feel even worse.

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