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Whis b.u? Washing related fairly light-hearted!

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Cheeeeislifenow Sat 16-Mar-19 17:57:16

I refuse to check the pockets of my adult husband's pocket's. He just moaned because I washed a fifty. My argument is he should empty the pockets. I almost washed his passport last week it fell out.

Cheeeeislifenow Sat 16-Mar-19 17:58:34

Posted too soon it fell out before I put it in the machine.

Justmuddlingalong Sat 16-Mar-19 17:58:49

I find that the 'finders keepers' rule ensures all pockets are emptied before they're put in the laundry basket. 😉

SlimGin Sat 16-Mar-19 17:59:19

YANBU. All sorts gets washed with DP's work clothes. He should check them before he puts them in the basket or do the wash himself.

MorelloKisses Sat 16-Mar-19 18:00:13

One of our car key fobs went through the wash last week... in dH long john pockets


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