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To ask your views on screen time?

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Greenyogagirl Sat 16-Mar-19 17:54:10

Sorry, blatantly posting for traffic.
Son is 9, long list of diagnoses, acts like a toddler most of the time.
We used to go swimming, forest school, park, seaside etc he’s home educated due to school exclusions and local authority not letting him have a school place.
Anyway, he is obsessed with screen time, he used to play Minecraft or Lego games on the Xbox but for the last few months it’s just Netflix, the same show over and over and over again, all day every day.
He wakes up and the first thing he says is ‘can I have Netflix?’
He goes to bed and says ‘can I watch tv?’
Whenever it’s not on he won’t engage, won’t go anywhere, won’t do anything.
I’ve tried restricting and it’s exhausting having him parrot ‘want netflix’ constantly for hours and it’s all he thinks about.
I’ve set up games and activities that he used to love but he won’t engage.
I’m so close to throwing the tv away but is that too drastic?
I just feel like he’s wasting his life and in real life everyone is saying it’s fine and all kids are the same but I refuse to believe that.

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