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To think this skirt is appropriate for job interview?

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Jax07 Sat 16-Mar-19 14:38:15

The job is in the design industry, creative/admin/customer facing job. I love this skirt, when I wear it I feel confident. If I dress it up I think it would be good choice for the interview. What do you think?

americandream Sat 16-Mar-19 15:33:58

It's cute @Jax07 Nice colour! I didn't even know Stacey Solomon designed her own stuff!

And yeah, as people are saying; it's a good choice for the job you're going for... smile

Good luck to ya. grin

SoupDragon Sat 16-Mar-19 15:46:38

The skirt is fine but I dont think I would add red/coral shoes into the mix.

CoffeeCoffeeTea Sat 16-Mar-19 20:45:05

As long as you do not wear a bra/crop top I think you'll be ok

Jax07 Sun 17-Mar-19 07:49:27

Haha I wasn't just going to wear it with a bra 😂

FiveLittlePigs Sun 17-Mar-19 08:08:48

I didn't even know Stacey Solomon designed her own stuff!

It's just a Z list "celebrity" name on an item of clothing that she picked for her clothing range. She is not a fashion designer.

I was surprised tbh as the skirt looks like it should be in M&S per una range. confused

FemalePersonator Sun 17-Mar-19 08:21:58

It's perfect!

Fingers crossed that the interview goes well and that you get the job, OP.

scuddingxx Sun 17-Mar-19 08:24:13


Jax07 Sun 17-Mar-19 09:20:01

Yes just to clarify I didn't buy the skirt because it has been 'designed' by Stacey Solomon. Just like the pattern and it was cheap as chips.

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