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Whatsername7 Fri 15-Mar-19 18:56:54

Aibu as im posting for traffic - I tried 'childrens health' and havent had any replies and I cant find 'chat'.

My 2 year old dd became really unwell whilst on antibiotics for tonsilitis at the beginning of this week. We called 111 who sent an ambulance. On admission to hospital I noticed a petechial rash under her arm which then started to spread. Blood tests confirmed septicaemia and she has been treated with IV antibiotics. We have had outstanding care, it has been caught so early and we've been really lucky. Dd has rallied and seems much better in herself, if a little tired. We've been allowed home and have to return to tomorrow for one last dose of IV antibiotics (that will be the 5th dose). Does anyone have any experience of recovery post septicaemia? How long should she stay away from nursery for? Is she likely to need more sleep and is there anything I should look out for? My dad had sepsis in August and almost died. He is only just feeling back to normal so Im just a little worried and wondered what other peoples experiences are.

marvellousnightforamooncup Fri 15-Mar-19 19:29:52

I have no idea but I'd keep her off nursery until she's properly back to normal. See your GP if you're worried.

Whatsername7 Fri 15-Mar-19 19:48:13

Thanks. She has been running around today. But she also took a long nap which she doesn't usually. Her eyes are slightly darker and she has the remainder of the rash, but other than that (and the canula in her hand) you wouldn't think she'd been seriously ill.

Queenie8 Fri 15-Mar-19 19:59:45

Write a list of questions and worries and ask tomorrow when you go in for the IV antibiotics. I hope your DD is back to her normal self quickly.

Homemadearmy Fri 15-Mar-19 20:04:00

My daughter had it just before she turned 3, we were lucky like you and caught it really early. She bounced back really quickly and I don't remember recovery being a long time.

Lovingbenidorm Fri 15-Mar-19 20:05:41

Just wanted to send you all my very best wishes, you must have had the most awful time, so frightening.
I’m really glad she’s on the mend.
I haven’t experienced septicaemia, but my youngest got pneumonia at 4yo.
She was in hospital, touch n go for a bit, she was dark eyed and lethargic for a while after.
Play it by ear. No rush to go back to nursery.
Agree with pp, make a list to ask gp. X

nocoolnamesleft Fri 15-Mar-19 20:09:26

You're best asking the team looking after her, as they know more than we do about exactly how sick she was. I am very glad things were caught so quickly.

A few general principles:
Young children recover a lot faster than adults
When they feel better they want to play
When they play they use all their energy and flake out
So early phases tend to be up and down like yoyos
I'd suggest trying to get past that stage before nursery
When she does go back warn nursery she may need extra naps
Give her lots of cuddles, to help you feel better
Don't worry if she gets the squits (from the antibiotics)

ClaireElizabethBeuchampFraser Fri 15-Mar-19 21:08:14

I’m so sorry, that must have been terrifying for you! I have had sepsis twice and it has left me with ptsd or post sepsis syndrome which is very common. Every time I have an infection I check my heart rate and temperature religiously, which is how I recognised the second bout of sepsis.

I’m sure your little girl will continue to thrive, children are amazing at how they bounce back from illness! I would imagine that you will likely have the roughest time recovering, next time your little girl is ill your anxiety will kick in. Ask to have a chat with your hv or gp and ask if they can create a Sepsis plan for you, so that you know what to do if you suspect sepsis in the future. It might help to have a Doctor talk through what happened and what signs you can lookout for in the future.

Your little girl will likely tire more easily and her immune system will be vulnerable for a while. I wouldn’t send her to nursery/ toddlers until she is stronger and I would just follow your dd’s lead. Being in hospital is exhausting and she might need to sleep for longer or nap more during the day.

The Sepsis trust have lots of information, it was there that I found out about post sepsis syndrome

Boom45 Fri 15-Mar-19 21:13:23

Another sepsis survivor here, they wouldn't be sending your daughter home if they weren't confident she was recovered but she's likely to still be recovering for some time. They'll be good days and bad so be led by her as much as you can (hard if you're working i know). Give her time and be kind to yourself too. Xx

Whatsername7 Fri 15-Mar-19 21:31:44

Thanks all. I have a GP appointment on Monday to discuss her low immune system. She seems to catch every bug and has had antibiotics twice in the last 7 weeks for tonsilitis. I have grandparents looking after her on Monday and Tuesday but I cant really take anymore time off. Ive been off for a week and work have been sympathetic but I cant see that lasting much longer.

ClaireElizabethBeuchampFraser Wed 20-Mar-19 00:24:24

I hope that the GP appointment went well OP and that you now feel more reassured and prepared/ knowledgable about what happened/ what to do should your dd become unwell again.

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