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To start my own business now?

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LeilaDarling Fri 15-Mar-19 18:14:11

I’m early 40’s and NOT A RISK TAKER!!
Have a husband and young family.
Have been employed in my field for over 20 years, have good knowledge and some great contacts. I have always worked so hard for someone else, everyone always says “your company is so lucky to have you” etc etc.
I am seriously underpaid where I am and treated like a Saturday girl, it’s quite demeaning to be honest. Whenever I think right I’m going to do it I have a day where they convince me I should stay and plod along just for them.
I run their business whenever they holiday and they pay me no more for it. They watch the clock when I arrive, take lunch and return and leave at the end of the day.
I made them a fairly large sum of money this year by means of one of my own contacts and they gave me a token thank you and said it was only a “sort of” introduction.
I’ve lost my confidence in the past few years and I am wondering whether they are exacerbating it.
I want to do it, have plenty of encouragement from friends and family but something always stops me. I’m scared about taking the risk and it not working/not being able to pay my share of the mortgage/and so on.
Any advice welcome xx

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