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RHEtoric RHEtoric, RHEtoric

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Jux Fri 15-Mar-19 13:43:29

Not rheTORic. Ffs

Jux Fri 15-Mar-19 21:10:02

*@CaptainCabinets*, you've reminded me that we (as young children) thought it would hilarious to call a child LaVOTary!

But @Monroe umbiLICus??? umbiLICus?? Aaaaargh!!!!!!

Monr0e Fri 15-Mar-19 21:27:47

Yes Jus, I know!

BIWI Fri 15-Mar-19 21:33:05


And my post should have said news readers, of course blush

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Fri 15-Mar-19 21:34:44

and its negoSHEay-shuns

NOT negoSEEay-shuns

if the first ti in negotiations is SEE then you should surely say negoSEE aySEEns and no one does that! so Negoseeayshuns is just plain wrong.

tbh with all the Bregzit Negoseeayshuns it's a miracle I haven't gone off pop

Br-exit with an x Negosheayshuns

cardibach Fri 15-Mar-19 21:36:43

S(c)Heduke/SChedule is an English/American English issue. The C is pronounced in America.
Like we pronounce lieutenant leftenant and the Americans go with Lootenant.

PajamasnoDramas Fri 15-Mar-19 21:48:31

Couple that grind my gears

disTRIbute not DIStribute
conTRIbute not CONtribute


OwlBeThere Fri 15-Mar-19 21:55:02

It's cerVIcal not CERvical

IT's cerVIcal when its about the spine, CERvical when related to the cervix.

borntobequiet Fri 15-Mar-19 21:55:36

It’s defuse (dee-fuse) (a potentially explosive situation) not diff-use.
I recently heard a BBC reporter use both pronunciations in one sentence. I decided he wasn’t sure about which word to use so tried both.

OwlBeThere Fri 15-Mar-19 21:58:16

In welsh, every word has the stress on the last but one syllable. every. single. word. avoids all this nonsense. grin

Hazeintheclouds Fri 15-Mar-19 22:03:21

Some of the differences are due to the onward creep of Americanisms...


StoneofDestiny Fri 15-Mar-19 22:14:33

Advertisement or AdverTISEment
MunIcipal or MuniCIPAL

The former for me.

FlashingLights101 Fri 15-Mar-19 22:18:43

I also wonder when reSEARCH became REEEEEEEsearch

This one I think is to do with whether it's a noun or a verb. Verb is REsearch, but the noun is reSEARCH.

Much like a lot of other similar words:
reCORD (verb) / REcord (noun)
inCREASE (verb) / INcrease (noun)
perMIT (verb) / PERmit (noun)

Etc etc. There are loads actually.
<wanders back to pedants' corner> (or should that be pedANTs'??!)

Hazeintheclouds Fri 15-Mar-19 22:19:07

Advertisement sounds dense, I’m afraid.

Hazeintheclouds Fri 15-Mar-19 22:20:20

Oops. I mean adverTISEment.

NoCryingInEngineering Fri 15-Mar-19 22:26:04

There's a bloke at my work always talks about MainTAINance. Drives me up the fucking wall

Jux Sat 16-Mar-19 01:17:57

Thanks for that, *@FlashingLights*, interesting.

*@Owlbethere*, never knew that. Should I ever start to learn Welsh I shall remember that. I think my dad once said a similar thing about Latin, but I'm not sure that that's not a figment of my imagination! (And he was the sort of man who pronounced 'Conduit' as 'cundit'. His best friend said 'cumputer' and also 'heelicopter', so maybe I should ignore all my childhood pronunciations!)

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sat 16-Mar-19 01:27:29

The weather people on the news here say “tempeture” instead of “temperature”. Drives me batty.

Also “liberry” instead of “library”. Argh!!!

Ireallywantmylifeback Sat 16-Mar-19 02:02:54

Withdrawal not withdrawral

AintNobodyHereButUsReindeer Sat 16-Mar-19 02:25:44

SATnav. Not satNAV (I'm looking at you, mum)

Chickenwing Sat 16-Mar-19 02:37:00

Happy NEW year..... or happy new YEAR

HarrysOwl Sat 16-Mar-19 06:33:20

PAcific instead of SPEcific.

Being precise is not an ocean.


Spiderbanana Sat 16-Mar-19 06:36:26

I am getting weird looks from DH as I sit in bed testing out these pronunciations grin

BIWI Sat 16-Mar-19 07:24:11

Research is always research - and never reeeesearch! (I work in research and it drives me nuts)

Janecon Sat 16-Mar-19 07:29:34

I don't really get bothered by these with the exception of newsreaders saying pleece rather than police (as someone has already mentioned). It's just lazy and it drives me mad!

OwlBeThere Sat 16-Mar-19 08:12:43

@jux I didn’t know it either until I studied linguistics and welsh is my first language blushgrin
Latin is similar but a bit more complicated (because of course it is, when did Latin ever make things easy) the way I understand it the stress is either the third or second last syllable depending on if the syllables after it are long or short. Not entirely sure what s long or short syllable is though. I’ll stick to welsh.

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