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Is this a bra or a crop top???

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TheMuminator2 Fri 15-Mar-19 12:09:31

Can't decide. Looks like a bra but passes for a crop top as it is en vogue.

Thomas Cook have since apologized to the girl saying they could have handled things better.
Woukd you be offended?

QueenoftheBiscuitTin Fri 15-Mar-19 12:38:22

It's a bralette. I think everyone involved is making a massive deal out of nothing.

geekone Fri 15-Mar-19 12:38:28

Seems a bit chilly for a plane journey but other than that what she was wearing affects no one and should not be an issue.

Many travel companies do have guidelines I have been on flights (in the queue for flights) where women have put on leggings or tracksuit bottoms over their very short shorts (not judging I would wear them too if I could 😂) or they would not be able to travel. It does state it in many guidelines, theoretically it’s the same for men.

I think a peephole bikini or a mankini would probably be inappropriate travelling wear but not a crop top or little shorts unless there really is a health and safety reason.

rainingonmyfireworks Fri 15-Mar-19 12:38:34

def bra, more attention seeking for social media and the sun carried the story, now there's a surprise.

skybluee Fri 15-Mar-19 12:41:08

Shorts are OK to wear on a plane.
Vest tops are fine as long as they are continuous non-transparent material (i.e. not see through or string vests). To me it looks like underwear. I have a few bras from urban outfitters and some of them are pretty much indistinguishable from that one. If that's OK, then surely it's OK to get on a plane in a bra and jeans?

I don't think it's OK.

I mean how is that not a bra!?

TheMuminator2 Fri 15-Mar-19 12:41:27

The health and safety reason being she feared she would overheat and die lol She has a book about going viral on her twitter....hmmm

TheMuminator2 Fri 15-Mar-19 12:42:35

I think if the straps were thicker and the material without holes then people would be more accepting

BarbaraofSevillle Fri 15-Mar-19 12:42:40

I bet she was bloody freezing on the plane

Or maybe not. I usually travel on other airlines, simply because they're more likely to be going where I want to go, and am always freezing, but just last week I went on a rare Thomas Cook flight and it was absolutely bloody boiling. I took my hoodie off and sat there in a t shirt, which is unheard of.

I wouldn't be offended at that outfit and logically I can't see how it differs significantly from a vest that would probably only cover up slightly more of her.

TheMuminator2 Fri 15-Mar-19 12:43:09

ALso I am seeing a gold top? anyone else or do you see black? blue? yellow? pink???

19lottie82 Fri 15-Mar-19 12:44:02

Would be people be ok if a man was sitting next to your in just boxers on his lower half?

skybluee Fri 15-Mar-19 12:44:15

Also if it was a crop top - would it be OK for me to wear a nike crop top and jeans onto the plane? The issue for me is stomach uncovered. There has to be a line somewhere, we can't police sleeves and straps and I wouldn't want to... I do think vest tops are100% fine unless see through... but as far as people having their stomach out... it's a plane, have a little bit of courtesy to your fellow passengers... we're not at the resort, it's essentially a packed mode of transport.

Pewdie Fri 15-Mar-19 12:44:15

Do we live in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan?

ketchupormayo Fri 15-Mar-19 12:44:48

Don't see the problem at all!

Megan2018 Fri 15-Mar-19 12:45:31

It's a bra and the girl is a an attention seeking idiot. Her parents must be so proud.

Hopefully it will come back to bite her at job interviews for the foreseeable - internet fame has it's consequences!

SerenDippitty Fri 15-Mar-19 12:46:00

It looks like a bra to me. Wasn't she cold?

skybluee Fri 15-Mar-19 12:46:29

Obviously not, but when did going onto a plane in your underwear become OK?

Willowtreecottage Fri 15-Mar-19 12:46:50

It was a totally attention getting excercise.
Planes are not hot! 😆
When she argued her point on This Morning - she came across as being pleased. Barely impassioned at all!
And it’s worked... hasn’t it - more people taking about her odd travelling attire!

Willowtreecottage Fri 15-Mar-19 12:47:21


dogsdinnerlady Fri 15-Mar-19 12:48:38

It's a bra. This young woman is clearly enjoying her five minutes of fame. Why would anyone who didn't want to be looked at wear a bra in public? TC staff should have just ignored her though.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Fri 15-Mar-19 12:49:38

"Would be people be ok if a man was sitting next to your in just boxers on his lower half?"
^How is this the same??
She wasn't in pants FFS^

19lottie82 Fri 15-Mar-19 12:50:41

How is this the same??
She wasn't in pants FFS

Can you explain what the difference is?

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Fri 15-Mar-19 12:53:48

She had trousers and a top on.
She wasn't just wearing her knickers.
Not sure how else to explain that.
What's confusing? hmm

EstrellaDamn Fri 15-Mar-19 12:54:23

FFS. Another thread policing women's clothing choices.

thecatsthecats Fri 15-Mar-19 12:56:34

I think she looks fine.

Out of curiosity... on flights over 2h I usually unhook my bra, and anything longhaul I unfetter the beasts entirely. Usually in a tight, semi supportive, thin fabric but longsleeved top (find that most comfortable with all the bloody air con).

Is that indecent? (I'm not going to change my behaviour grin. Just sort of curious as to how many people I'm grossing out. For the record I also take off my shoes, but wear them moving around the plane, and keep my feet well within my own zone.)

Pewdie Fri 15-Mar-19 12:56:35

Women have tits. She covered them. Move on.

HJWT Fri 15-Mar-19 12:56:40

A 'crop top' comes just above or below the belly button, anything that comes just below your breasts is a 'bralette' or a Bra top 😂

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