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Christmas Tree Dumper

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Home77 Fri 15-Mar-19 08:56:55

We live in an old building made into flats in the city centre, a mix of owned and rented. It has an old vault under the building, near the road.

Anyway, this year there have been Christmas trees left around as council has cut services to collect them. there was a leaflet about a charity collection which would take them to the recycling centre for a donation- both of these ended in February.

Last week someone from our flats has dumped a huge tree in the vault- and does not seem to be moving it.

We are on the management committee (sigh) partly to save costs - wonder what to do.

AIBU to put a polite note in the hall saying the collection dates have passed and the person who left it there needs to arrange disposal? (with the leaflet from the council).

DH thinks we should cut up the tree and leave it in the hall, or burn it! (DH is a bit fed up that we arrange stuff like cleaner for the hall for everyone then has to chase up the cash etc already, which some people delay paying, etc).

These are wealthy people btw, should be no concern over cost.

TixieLix Fri 15-Mar-19 09:02:04

I would put the polite note up in the first instance to see if you can guilt the offending party into removing their old tree.

What is the vault used for? Can it be secured so that tenants don't have access to dump rubbish? I would think it poses a fire risk if people can just dump any rubbish that could be flammable.

Home77 Fri 15-Mar-19 09:10:20

Ok, well it is to the side of the vaults really, we have one of them per flat for is a space to the side used for rubbish and recycling until the collection day so for short periods.

The person in the basement is not wealthy, actually and has a heart problem..I can't see it being his tree though as lives alone and is do huge...the basement itself is not big. Maybe i need to check it's not his first as might need some help with it.

he'd probably ask though if that was the case (as usually does ask for help with stuff)

TixieLix Fri 15-Mar-19 10:19:11

Is it a real tree? If so the needles must be falling off in droves by now surely? I'd be tempted to turn detective and see if I could see a trail of them leading back to any of the flats grin.

Home77 Fri 15-Mar-19 10:29:10

Yes it is a real tree and looking rather bare and brown, no trail unfortunately.

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