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To be concerned about this bleeding?

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GoldenHour Fri 15-Mar-19 08:37:43

Sorry for AIBU, I can't get to the Drs today and I'm on holiday on Sunday. I think I'd likely be fobbed off too.

I used to bleed about week after finishing my period very lightly (spotting really) for a day, I was scanned but there was nothing there, as it was quite predictable they said it was just part of my cycle. This was 5+ years ago, it doesn't happen very often now.

This month I have started bleeding about a week after my period, but I'm on day 3 now. It's fresh, not enough to need a pad but enough for me to feel it and stain my underwear. Worse after sex, DH said he had a fair bit to clean up (sorry TMI) I have a copper IUD.

Should I be concerned? If it's still happening when I get back from holiday I will obviously go to Drs. Had my smear last summer.

GoldenHour Fri 15-Mar-19 13:27:01


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