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Parents own choice

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Mummyto3loons Fri 15-Mar-19 02:31:59

Me and my friend got into a bit of a disagreement the other day.. she doesn’t allow her son and treats i.e chocolate sweet juice. So the other day when she came to mine my son was eating a milky bar and he went to share with her LO and she pulled him away so I said what’s the harm in him having a small bite and she went off on one it’s bad for his teeth and not to mention it will effect his weight shock I was in utter shock as my friend will sit and binge on such food on a night so when I pointed this out she said I need it for when I am on (TMI) I told her that when I last visited the dentist with my boys I asked on the harm a small amount of chocolate or sweets would do and he said in small amounts it’s fine and I told her he said babies/toddlers having dummies can be worse on teeth yet she allows him to sit with a dummy in all day.. I get every parent is different we all do things to suit us but I just don’t agree that it’s fine for her to eat the good stuff and not her LO

Littlechinagirl Fri 15-Mar-19 20:13:21

You are being unreasonable.
It's not up to you whether you think it's ok for her have a harmless snack. it's her choice. It was also very rude of you to point out her eating habits as a result.
Wow. Rude.

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