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4GB1d1cand1LH Thu 14-Mar-19 20:34:41

To start with this is not a rant about SATs more trying to understand if the school is unreasonable or am I overreacting. DS has been very upset and edgy recently and finally got to the bottom of it tonight. He is anxious over the SATs tests - to put this in context he has had 10 full SATs past papers (some repeats) since last Monday and his class has been out for 3 days during this time. His results are consistently high but he is being told he has to achieve greater depth. He has had no feedback as the class peer mark and then the papers come home. Tonight he told me that he was given notes to copy for the written assessment as his work was not good enough. Need some reassurance that this is not normal before I go into school tomorrow.

Whatthefunk Thu 14-Mar-19 20:41:54

That seems crazy! I would definitely see the teacher. Ds did his SATS last year, and while he was pushed a little harder than usual, he was never given the impression that he wasn't doing anything but his best.
It such a sad way to end their primary education

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