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Supermarket job offer

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caroline161 Thu 14-Mar-19 14:58:32

Dd 16 has been offered job in local supermarket 3 evenings a week 5-9 including both Friday and Saturday evenings. Is it a bit unfair of them to expect her to work every Friday and Saturday evening or am I just completely out of touch? She has phoned them to chat about it but they aren't backing down. Her friend has been offered Monday Thursday Sunday. Willing to be told by the mn jury that I am too precious wink

TubbsAndEdward Thu 14-Mar-19 15:00:21

I've tried to get evening work in a supermarket to supplement my part time job with no luck whatsoever.
I'd tell her to take it.
Friday and Saturday night are not the be all and end all.

aibutohavethisusername Thu 14-Mar-19 15:02:41

My DD started working for a supermarket a few months ago. She is 17 and works Fridays 5.30-9.30 and all day Sunday.
I’d take it if I were her.

TheHolySmirk Thu 14-Mar-19 15:04:06

Friday and Saturday nights are probably better than school nights really.

MullofKintire Thu 14-Mar-19 15:04:21

The work experience and the money will be useful.

Once she has started and shown that she is reliable she should be able to swap shifts.

Bottom line is that the supermarket needs staff on Friday and Saturday nights. If she will not work those shifts are there others that will?

Lyricallie Thu 14-Mar-19 15:07:15

I used to work Saturdays and Sundays when I was a teen. Just go out afterwards and be hungover the next day.

I fared much better than some of my friends who never had a job later on in life. Also if she decides to move away for uni then supermarkets are usually pretty good about transferring you if you’ve been a good staff member.

GiveMeFiveMinutes Thu 14-Mar-19 15:07:58

Her best bet would be to take the shifts that are offered, and then make it known that she would appreciate it if they could swap one of her weekend shifts to a week night, once she has settled in.

MumsyJ Thu 14-Mar-19 15:08:20

At least she has the entire day to do other stuff before heading to work.

It could change eventually. The good news is, the weather is getting lighter 9pm soon be looking like 2pm grin. Oh and think about the experience she'll gain from this as well.

adaline Thu 14-Mar-19 15:08:46

That's normal in retail, it's very rare to get weekends off.

BitchQueen90 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:12:14

It's normal. And it's only until 9pm. I used to waitress on weekend nights when I was 17 and go straight out after! My tips paid for my drinks grin

MereDintofPandiculation Thu 14-Mar-19 15:14:22

They're recruiting people to meet their needs, which currently seem to be for people to work evenings including Friday and Saturday. If your daughter doesn't wish to work Friday and Saturday evenings she can turn the offer down. There's nothing unfair about them saying "this is what we need".

sweeneytoddsrazor Thu 14-Mar-19 15:16:29

Most supermarkets expect you to do either a Saturday or Sunday shift. She should be taking it and not asking to change for around 6 months. If she is already asking them to change it then it isn't going to do her any favours.

PolarBearDisguisedAsAPenguin Thu 14-Mar-19 15:16:57

She doesn’t have to accept it if having a Friday and Saturday night off is more important to her. hmm

BitchQueen90 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:17:28

Also maybe if she and her friend both get jobs she could ask her friend to swap one weekend night? Then they could both get one free night each.

NoWayNoHow Thu 14-Mar-19 15:17:42

Definitely take it. It's only till 9 on a weekend, and at that age I'd have been going out afterwards unlike now when I'm barely awake post 9

SmallIslandLass Thu 14-Mar-19 15:18:21

I took Friday Saturday sunday and monday 6pm till 11pm at my old job as a foot in the door thinking I can change the odd shift as people leave as everyone else had got rid of the shifts they didn't want when I started 2 years later after covering my own holiday as nobody would do it and begging for 1 year and 7 new enployees to just get sundays off i quit
They still haven't replaced me 4 months on

If shes wants to why not take it with a view to continuing to search for a better job at the same time

fromdespairto Thu 14-Mar-19 15:19:07

I did this when I was a teen. It didn't stop my social life and eventually it changed to flexible shifts.

PinkHeart5914 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:19:14

I think your a bit out of touch to be honest. Why is working 2 nights running for just a few hours a problem?

She’s 16 so hardly like she needs to go out and get drunk on Friday and Saturdays is it

They have offered your dd Friday and Saturday evening as that’s obviously the shift that needs filling, what the friend has been offered isn’t really relevant. She either wants the job or she doesn’t, someone else will bite there hand off and they will fill the shift that anyway if she doesn’t want it

JellyBaby666 Thu 14-Mar-19 15:27:45

YABVU. If she wants to go out or see friends, she can go after 9 surely! Half the time at that age we didn't go out till later anyway, or just watched films in or whatever.

JenniferJareau Thu 14-Mar-19 15:31:52

Tell her to take it. As a pp said once they know she is a good worker and reliable she might be able to swap shifts.

Also the experience is really good for her CV and the money helps too!

Purplecatshopaholic Thu 14-Mar-19 15:34:07

Seems reasonable to me - its retail!. If she wants to go out after 9pm surely thats fine. And once she shows she trustworthy and reliable she can swap shifts with colleagues.

FemalePersonator Thu 14-Mar-19 15:35:43

Seems normal to me: whenever shifts have to be covered, the newest hires have to take the least desirable ones. Frequently, this is weekends.

Mrsmadevans Thu 14-Mar-19 15:37:02

Snap their hands off , Good luck to your Daughter OP

Ali1cedowntherabbithole Thu 14-Mar-19 15:37:39

She won’t be wanting to go out before 9 so it won’t curtail her social life grin

As PP have said, it’s a good balance with schoolwork and won’t stop her doing homework.

Congratulations to your DD for getting the job.

BlueMerchant Thu 14-Mar-19 15:42:31

Plenty would be over the moon to have been offered a job. They aren't there to pander to your dd. If she's not happy am sure there are many who would be willing to take her place.
She was very 'brave' to call them to enquire about ithmm

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