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To take DC back to to GP

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Friedeggsandcustard Thu 14-Mar-19 13:20:46

I’m worried about DC2 (3), they’ve had a temperature (has been up to 40.5 but fluctuating), under control with calpol/nurofen, since Saturday. Generally under the weather and complaining of neck pain but no other symptoms.

I took them to GP on Monday who said it was definitely not bacterial and probably viral and swollen glands were causing the pain DC2 was complaining of in their neck.

Today the temperature is still high if not medicated regularly, DC2 is still complaining of neck pain. Skin is pale and mottled and they are complaining of feeling sick. They’ve been eating though (bananas and yoghurt) and well enough to sit up watching TV!

I do tend to panic a bit as DC2was admitted as a baby with suspected sepsis (which this doesn’t look like) and I seem to spend half my life going to the GP with DC about something (DC2 very prone to ear infections etc) -Older DC is very robust and healthy in contrast.

I don’t want to waste GP time but I am worried?

MattFreisWeatherReport Thu 14-Mar-19 13:33:33

Sounds like a viral bug to me. I would just keep on with the calpol as long as needed and not worry unduly unless the temperature stopped being controllable or any other symptom developed, like difficulty breathing, rash, inability to tolerate light, failure to produce urine, etc. Or just a strong sense that something is really wrong, which is important to heed, I think. I'm a bit of a slacker about this sort of thing, though, so why not ring the surgery for advice? If you're really worried and decide to go back, I wouldn't worry you're wasting the GP's time. A 3yo is pretty small and can go downhill fast in the event of something serious. GPs understand that there are times when you seem to have to be at the surgery constantly, and that they pass eventually and that it's not your fault. Hope all's well.

Houseonahill Thu 14-Mar-19 13:38:14

How high is the temp? And does it come down to normal with medicine? If you are worried go back to the GP yes.

Friedeggsandcustard Thu 14-Mar-19 13:56:08

hmm still 40.4. half an hour after the ibuprufen...

FitzChivalry Thu 14-Mar-19 22:03:00

How are they now?

WitBeyondMeasure Thu 14-Mar-19 22:46:33

3 year olds vary vastly in their ability to describe symptoms and pain so I would say for an ongoing illness with no sign of improvement that you're still not happy with, get them checked. It's up to you whether you're happy to wait the night or out of hours if you feel it can't wait.

Friedeggsandcustard Fri 15-Mar-19 09:07:20

I’m glad I took them back now. They’ve now diagnosed tonsilitus and we have AB’s. Quite glad I didn’t leave it longer

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