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in expecting refund from GLTC for delivery 12 weeks overdue ?

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amyclaramum Mon 09-Jul-07 16:56:32

I ordered a bunkbed from their catalogue on 2nd March. It was delivered with missing and broken pieces and no instructions. (I was charged £24.95 for the delivery on top of the £600 odd for the actual bed!)
Its now July and I am still waiting for the replacement side rail. I have wasted so much time on the phone and e-mail trying to get anyone to help and each time get fobbed off. I am getting so pssd off by it all that thought I would ask you for advice and if anyone else had experienced the same kind of "service" from GLTC ?!!

inamuckingfuddle Mon 09-Jul-07 17:30:18

This is pretty shoddy treatment amyclaramum I had a problem with them just before xmas which messed up DTs birthday pressies - they sent 2 of one thing rather than 2 different things, so I had to send one back and re-order, took ages, they did refund postage though, quite quickly too. Can't mumsnet pull some strings?

chevre Mon 09-Jul-07 17:35:25

i bought a bunny clock and sent it back when i realised it was a piece of crap (not gltc fault they jsut peddle the things) but i had to phone and phone to get my cash back, luckily i had returned it recorded delivery so i could tell them when they had received it and who had signed for it.

amyclaramum Tue 10-Jul-07 13:06:32

Thanks Chevre and IAMF - I think I will write an assertive letter and copy it to all the Directors ! Hopefully I will get a reply if I go to the "top" of the Company!

GLTC Mon 17-Sep-07 21:57:16

Not at all - Really sorry for what is clearly a bad experiance, please let me know if everything hasn't been sorted out.
will [at]

mm22bys Tue 18-Sep-07 09:44:15

We had a problem with GLTC too last year, but only over a bed rail so while not a big deal I still wanted my money back.

It did take a couple of emails, phone calls and faxes but eventually I did get my money back (and agree about the bunny clock, def crapola!)

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