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to ask what to do now? The bank have given my details to abusive ex...

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AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 14-Mar-19 11:25:20

I made a complaint to the bank a few months ago that they had allowed an abusive ex-partner to open an account in my name and run up debt. Three weeks later, they were still allowing him to use the account (according to my credit file) and I complained again.

Today I messaged them to ask what was taking so long. They've just called and confirmed that they sent a letter, including all the allegations, to his address. An address that I have never lived at. The letter contains my new mobile number, at least, and possibly my new address.

He was very violent. He hit me when we broke up. I had to get the police involved and be escorted to work and home again for a while, had to work odd hours, he waited for me outside anywhere he thought I might be. I had to go into a refuge for a while and get a new number. It took months for me to feel calm that he didn't know where I was. I was treated for intense PTSD, and situational anxiety.

They knew this. I was explicit about this, and they knew it, and have detailed in the letter that they know they can only use certain contact details for me...

The bank complaints handler has apologised and said they will call back today as soon as possible. He shut down and wouldn't tell me any more.

What do I do now? I don't want to keep running, to live in fear again. It cost a lot to deal with it last time, there's a lot of inconvenience... I can't believe they've messed it up. I'm so scared he'll turn up here.

TheShiteRunner Thu 14-Mar-19 11:28:04

This is shocking. Which bank was it? I used to work for Women's Aid, and I remember this happening to a woman I met there.
I'd notify the police that he knows your address and seek advice from them. Then send out an email to your MP and to the financial ombudsman. This is such terrible behaviour from the bank.

ArnoldBee Thu 14-Mar-19 11:29:35

Don't forget the information commissioner as well.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 14-Mar-19 11:35:09


I know they have my new address, they sent the original complaint acknowledgement here. I was so clear with them about the risks of using the old data... I asked for it all to be removed, for my personal information to be looked after for my own safety.

That's a good list of people to contact, thank you. I'm sorry that you've seen this happen before. I'm stunned...

They've just called back and basically said that they are sorry and further updates will come to me at the right address. That's it.

billybagpuss Thu 14-Mar-19 11:36:03

Oh my goodness, this is serious.

First things first you need a copy of the letter that they sent. Mobile number can easily be changed and hopefully that is all that he now has.

They should have shut the account down the second you advised them it was fraudulently opened.

Then you have to escalate this up the complaints procedure, especially if branch level are shutting you down. Initially try Head Office, do not get off the phone until you have worked out exactly who you need to speak to to properly handle this or they have told you exactly what they are currently doing to solve it. The complaints procedures have changed a lot since I last worked in a bank, but I believe they have made it much easier to escalate it to the ombudsman, but you still have to wait until they've had time to properly investigate it.

OliviaBenson Thu 14-Mar-19 11:36:36

Complain higher- this is a serious breach. I think they have a duty to report it to the IC themselves too.

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 14-Mar-19 11:40:34

As well as the ombudsman etc contact the ICO and ask them for their take on it!

They may well make the bank very sorry for having allowed this to happen and then to have compounded their error!

Loopy3585 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:43:16

Agree with above police, mp, he of bank and definitely ICO under GDPR they have breached your personal information by sending it in error to someone else.

Sorry this has happened also ask the bank if they have made their data protection officer aware and ask what they are doing to retrieve the information

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 14-Mar-19 11:48:14

I can't stop crying.

He was apologetic but matter of fact. He said he'd removed the old address. I told him I'd already been promised that had happened, and that they'd been sending me letters to the right address prior to this. He said he'd added this to my complaint but there is a backlog for complaints and it may take up to 15 working days for them to get back to me. He couldn't give me a copy of the letter, but he can post me one second-class.

He is from head office complaints, apparently. I don't know whether to call them back, or the ICO, or my MP... The police are sending someone to see me, they are going to try and send someone I had last time so that they already know all the details.

Is it unreasonable to think that they should be able to talk to me about this today?

I thought I'd recovered from this but I'm shaking like a leaf.

T2705 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:56:08

This is absolutely disgraceful, I am speechless that they can fuck up so seriously.

First things first, ensure your own physical safety - as pp have said, contact the police and explain to them what has happened and see what they advise.

Then, complain to EVERYONE. Call back and escalate the complaint with the branch, not forgetting to complain about how he has managed to open a fake account in the first place, which was still in operation AFTER you informed them of this. They clearly did not sufficiently check ID or anything like that. They have breached any number of rules and regulations. Be clear and firm, do not let them fob you off.

You can report a data breach online here - The bank are required to report this for themselves but no harm in you doing it too.

Keep a record of every phonecall, take names, keep details of anything you have to do with this matter - any letters, phonecalls, any trips to the bank or any other associated journey that you would not have had to make. Log every inconvenience that this brings you, if you have to detour to work as a result of their incompetence - everything and make it clear the stress and inconvenience their incompetence has brought you to. Not that I think any compensation they can offer can possibly make up for this shitshow.

flowers sorry you are having to go through this.

MissionItsPossible Thu 14-Mar-19 11:56:38

That is OUTRAGEOUS. I don't really know what to say but I'm so sorry. I would be contacting someone separate from the bank and raising hell about this. I think the ICO is a good idea.

Hopefully the letter doesn't contain your old address and just your phone number. If this is the case, get your number changed or buy a cheap PAYG SIM card with a new number on it.

k1233 Thu 14-Mar-19 12:00:57

I don't blame you AnchorDownDeepBreath. If you were already talking to head office, I'd contact the external bodies mentioned above ASAP. I'd also see if you could have the police officer talk to your bank and the external bodied to reinforce just how serious your situation is and how this absolute cock up is putting you in danger. 15 working days is three weeks and that is absolutely unacceptable for the bank to get off their arse and do something.

TheBouquets Thu 14-Mar-19 12:01:23

I am so sorry this is happening to you.
Good advice given above. Go through every organisation you can think of to make complaints. It is a very serious matter to disclose anyone's details, even more so when there is recorded abuse.
Keep us updated as to what happens. This could be important for me and I assume quite a few other ladies on here.
Hope it all goes well for you.

LondonJax Thu 14-Mar-19 12:06:23

Write directly, by email, to the CEO (Jes Staley). You can find his email here

I did this when I had the run around with a problem with my mum's phone installation with BT - she has dementia and we needed the phone put on when she moved. Someone apparently 'forgot' to switch the switch and umpteen phone calls later I was told it would be 14 days. I emailed the CEO. Had a call back the same day from one of his assistants. The upshot was that the assistant gave me a direct line number not just for that occasion but for all issues relating to the phone for my mum - I used it again when her line went dead a year later and it was miraculously put back on very fast.

The issue is that complaints desks don't always escalate these things. The top brass often have no idea that anything untoward is happening and it gets swept under the carpet. I always tell them. It's their job to know.

And this is much more serious than my mum's phone. Email him.

caringcarer Thu 14-Mar-19 12:07:59

This is horrendous. I was angry when my pension company sent a letter to my ex stating how much money i had in my pension almost 13 years after we had divorced and had a pension sharing order. I had continued to pay in and had upped my contribution a lot and it was none of my ex h business and i was furious and complained and initially they offered £100 compensation and I rejected this and said I would go to financial ombudsman and they gave me new, more senior, complain person and they awarded me £300 which I accepted but was still furious they had given my exh my personal mobile number. I had to change my number to .void abusive text. You need to change your phone number. You could also complain about data breach. You should also ring police and let them know what has happened.

LagunaBubbles Thu 14-Mar-19 12:14:46

This is sheer incompetence and should never have happened. I'm so sorry this has made you anxious and angry on your behalf. Hope you get on OK with the Police.

Ariela Thu 14-Mar-19 12:17:46

I'm horrified at the bank's nonchalance.

You really need to see that letter as to what details have been released, whether your address has been released. Can they read it to you? Can they send it to a branch so you can go and view it (if you take ID to prove who you are? )

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Thu 14-Mar-19 12:19:19

This is outrageous! You poor thing.

Definitely complain to the Bank Manager, the CEO, the Ombudsman and your MP.

Explain to them in no uncertain terms that they have put you at risk. That you are scared. That you are upset.

I also think you need to escalate this to the police (just in case).

This is awful for you. So sorry they are such fucking idiots. flowers

Hahaha88 Thu 14-Mar-19 12:21:54

@AnchorDownDeepBreath I'm sorry this has happened to you. I work in a similar role to the man you spoke to today. They can email you a copy of the letter they sent, and this will confirm to you exactly what was disclosed to your ex. Hopefully it was only your mobile number which, although very frustrating can be changed. Explain the police are involved and tell them you need to speak with the executive office. Explain the complaint needs fast tracking as the breach of data may impact your physical safety. And big hugs

Celticrose Thu 14-Mar-19 12:25:01

I worked in a bank and any complaint had to be responded to within 48 hours usually it was an acknowledgement of the complaint or it being resolved if that was possible within that timeframe. They had a certain no of days to resolve it and all complaints were taken seriously. I think you should take this to the financial ombudsman or you could send another letter of complaint advising if you do not get any satisfaction your next step will be the financial ombudsman. I could be wrong but is only one person dealing with this because this is a very serious matter and I would have thought that someone senior in their complaints section would be dealing with this. It nearly sounds like that they are dealing with this on their own and not escalating it further up

Littleraindrop15 Thu 14-Mar-19 12:27:36

So sorry you are going through this hope you are OK x hugs

ChoriChori Thu 14-Mar-19 12:28:41

They should at least be able to read the letter to you over the phone so that you can check what details were sent.

Your complaint will be dealt with more quickly if you complain to the CEO.

I work in complaints - not Barclays though

sueelleker Thu 14-Mar-19 12:30:26

And why the F***s sake are they sending it second class? Can't they afford a first class stamp?

caffeineplease Thu 14-Mar-19 12:33:20

I could of written this exactly as you explained three years ago.
I found contacting the fraud department at the bank got me through to someone more helpful.
I also contacted police and DV unit.
I had to change my bank account and mobile number.
The bank sent me a cheque of goodwill and I only accepted it if they sent one of equal value to the local women's shelter.
Good luck and I promise one day it will get better.

DontCallMeShitley Thu 14-Mar-19 12:35:17

This is appalling, I closed my Barclays account because of similar incidents, not just once, but once they made a mistake it just continued. I was offered compensation but it isn't much use when they have messed up your life.

I hope you get it sorted out quickly and without any problems.

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